We Just Smacked Our Fourth "Double"

Thanks to the recent surge in gold prices, one group of Money Morning readers are up as much as 110% on Sandstorm Gold LLC (TSE: SSL) - meaning they just earned the coveted 100% gain that investors refer to as "a double."

And it isn't the first double these readers have been able to cash in on.

In fact, it's the fourth---in just 13 months.

Since Aug. 11, 2011, our special research recommendations have resulted in such windfall gains as:

  • As much as 148% on blood-cancer biotech Pharmacyclics Inc. (Nasdaq: PCYC).
  • As much as 144% on European biotech Galapagos NV (OTC ADR: GLPYY).
  • As much as 146% on an NYSE-listed cybersecurity play (which we've just re-recommended).
  • And as much as 110% on Sandstorm.

We believe that several of those picks - such as the cybersecurity play - still have room to run.

But we see even bigger potential for the focus of our latest premium research report - a biotech that's making the leap from research to revenue.

It has the potential to be our fifth "double."

This tiny venture is already up and running in Europe, and has already filed for U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval in the U.S. market.

After this biotech gets that approval, we believe this stock could double as well - on its way to a triple.

According to the feedback we've received, our readers have certainly enjoyed the run.

Subscriber Reggie P. told us that our "recommendations and insight have been spot on," while fellow reader Leroy W. said that "being on a fixed income makes the gains all the sweeter."

To see what has Reggie and Leroy so excited - and find out about our latest recommendation click here.

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Before he moved into the investment-research business in 2005, William (Bill) Patalon III spent 22 years as an award-winning financial reporter, columnist, and editor. Today he is the Executive Editor and Senior Research Analyst for Money Morning at Money Map Press.

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