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26(f) Programs Could Add $68,870 to Your Retirement Every Year

26(f) programs You won't hear about this from the mainstream media, but a measure introduced by the Department of Labor (DOL) could cause a "retirement blackout."

On April 10, 2017, this controversial plan could make pre-retirees and retirees miss out on adding tens of thousands of dollars to their nest egg. But by "enrolling" with a small stake in an investment some call "26(f) programs," you could set yourself up to make $68,870 or more every single year.

Not only can a 26(f) program help you earn an aggressive monthly income, it can help you live the retirement of your dreams.

And these aren't retirement programs run by the government. In fact, they aren't traditional programs in any sense. Some investors can legally pay no taxes at all on their 26(f) program profits.

But on April 10, these programs are going to become very hard to join.

Here's more information on the controversial plan from the DOL and what you can do about it…

Protect Yourself from the "Retirement Blackout"

On April 10, brokers will be ethically and legally required to act in the best interest of their clients. Most retirees think that is already the case. But currently, retirement managers are only required to have short conversations with their clients about the reasoning behind their decisions.

If you have a retirement manager you trust, this was beneficial. It meant smaller fees for retirees because the retirement manager wouldn't need to consult them as much and bill them more for their time.

This may sound good, but there's always a catch when new programs like this are introduced.

Urgent: An $80 billion cover-up? Feds use obscure loophole to threaten retirees… Read more…

After April 10, your broker could start charging new and large fees for their services because they have to take more time to consult you on their decisions.

That means you could be paying much more for the same advice you have already been getting.

According to the Economist Incorporated, the new rule could cost as much as $5.6 billion a year. Some brokers and retirement managers will institute "uniform pricing" for investments like real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Time is running out to prepare for the aftermath of this new ruling.

But there is a way to protect yourself with 26(f) programs…

How 26(f) Programs Can Grow Your Retirement Nest Egg

26(f) programs allow you to take a stake in some of the biggest and safest stocks on the market.

In a nutshell, these "programs" can be viewed as special "deals" that have been negotiated on behalf of investors.

These "programs" allow you to "enroll" with just a small investment. But over time, 26(f) programs allow pre-retirees and retirees the chance to accumulate monthly income and large lump-sum payouts.

Because of their sheer financial power, 26(f) programs are granted special perks, special pricing, and special treatment.

26(f) programs also allow for cheaper buy-ins on certain companies. Shares can be as cheap as $0.85 on the dollar.

You could instantly get $1 worth of equity for every $0.85 you invest.

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald is an expert at using 26(f) programs.

He created an entire action plan to help you before the "retirement blackout" takes effect. Inside his newest presentation/analysis, you'll find more about how a 26(f) program works. You'll also learn how millionaire investors have used these "programs" to increase their wealth.

Here's everything you need to know, right here

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