The No. 1 Opponent of Cannabis (and Cannabis Investors) Could Be History

Earlier this year, I released my 2017 "pot stock" forecast. You can access it here, but the bottom line is this forecast was as bullish and enthusiastic for cannabis investing as you can get. And recent gains in pot stocks (like those I recommended for my Nova-X Report readers in the Roadmap to Marijuana Millions "basket" of stocks) prove my optimism was well-founded.

But the "$64,000 question" was whether the new administration would continue the hands-off approach to states' legalization... or whether we could see some kind of draconian crackdown that would see thousands imprisoned and millions in pot stock profits go up in smoke.

Well, we just got the loudest, clearest signal yet of exactly how this is going to go...

America's Top Cop Is a Real Marijuana "Flat-Earther"

Why Weed?

I've spent more than 34 years covering the technology sector from Silicon Valley. I've watched it grow from a niche market in fancy gadgets to an indispensable, unstoppable global force worth trillions of dollars today.

Relentless innovation is directly responsible for most of that incredible growth.

Here's the thing... I see the exact same forces hard at work in the emerging cannabis market today. I couldn't be more excited about the innovation and extreme profit potential in this new market, so I've shared 30 of the best marijuana stock recommendations with my Nova-X Report readers.

You can learn how to get my cannabis sector picks right here.

During the election campaign, Trump the candidate indicated he was in favor of medical marijuana and letting the states' "laboratories of democracy" take whatever approach they saw fit to meet their needs.

Then Trump and the cannabis sector went on to have a pretty "yuge" Election Night on Nov. 8. Trump won the White House, of course, and voters in eight states opted to take marijuana 100% legal and above-board, bringing to 30 the number of states (including D.C.) in the Union with some kind of legal weed provisions.

But then Trump won the White House and nominated then Sen. Jeff Sessions for the post of attorney general...

This sent pot stocks, some of which can be volatile, reeling this February. I recommended sitting tight and buying more of the best cannabis shares, but I admit it was easy to see why investors panicked.

Jeff Sessions isn't what you'd call "forward thinking" on the subject of legal recreational or even medical marijuana. In other words, he's a staunch prohibitionist cut from old-school "Drug Warrior" cloth.

Here are some of the nicer things he's said about it recently:

..."I'm definitely not a fan of expanded use of marijuana."

..."Good people don't smoke marijuana."

..."We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized, that it is in fact, a very real danger."

That tells investors everything they need to know about Sessions' perspective on this booming investment niche.

During his confirmation hearings, however, Sessions played his cards close to the vest; he didn't commit to vigorous prosecution of federal pot violations, but then again, he didn't exactly say he would look the other way, either.

So the uncertainty about the future of weed investing is still very much a factor.

But a recent development in Washington means Sessions might just be out of maneuvering room... especially if he's planning a big Justice Department enforcement push of the type marijuana investors and activists have long feared.

Congress Put a Little Something "Extra" in This Budget for Pot Stocks

Trump recently signed a bipartisan $1.1 trillion omnibus budget to keep the government funded through September of this year.

At the time, the news was all about avoiding an ugly government shutdown of the type we last saw in 2013, when stocks took a double-digit hit, most federal workers were idled, famous landmarks shut, and most official business halted.

The budget bill will avoid all this, of course, kicking the can down the road at least until this autumn.

But lawmakers slipped a little something more into this bill - additional fuel to catalyze an entirely new round of gains for weed stocks.

It's an extension to an obscure law from the Obama era, when states - the "laboratories of democracy" - really began to experiment with and embrace legislation to legalize marijuana, both medicinal, and later, recreational weed, too.

It's called the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, and it's an all-too-rare piece of bipartisan legislation that actually bars the Justice Department from receiving or using any funds to go after duly (state) licensed medical marijuana operations out in those states where weed is legal.

But lawmakers slipped a little something more into this bill - additional fuel to catalyze an entirely new round of gains for weed stocks.

The bottom line is, Jeff Sessions looks like he's just about out of options (or, more to the point, out of money) if he wants to use the full weight of the Justice Department to crack down and interfere with legal marijuana right now.

Congress is working on making Rohrabacher-Farr permanent and even more comprehensive. Its only one of several major ongoing initiatives underway all over the federal and state levels of government that could see even more gains for legal cannabis - and more profits for folks investing in it.

Next Monday, May 15, at 6:00 p.m. sharp, I'm hosting an online "weed investors' summit." You can bet we're going to be talking about Jeff Sessions' next possible move. What's more, I'll be breaking down the most significant developments for weed investors taking place right now in all 50 states - plus a few watershed events beyond our borders that promise to generate some big gains in these must-have stocks. I'll be giving details on a handful of pot stocks that could zoom by 1,000% or more. Money Morning Members are going to get first dibs on "seats" in the conference, too. Keep an eye on your inbox in the next day or two for your invitation.

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