How Much Would It Cost to Go to War with North Korea?

If President Trump follows through on his threats to unleash "fire and fury" in response to Kim Jong Un's taunts, the world could soon see a war with North Korea.

And that leaves many investors uneasy.

Indeed, a strike from North Korea would likely lead to retaliation from the United States - endangering both the U.S. and our allies.

But another thing to consider is the cost. Exactly how much would it cost to go to war with North Korea?

There are many factors to consider. Past war costs give us an idea of how much a full-blown war could amount to, after taking inflation into account.

For example, the Korean War of 1950 to 1953 cost the United States about $67 billion.

In today's dollars, that's more than $342 billion.

And then there's technology.

The technology we use today (drones, surveillance planes, etc.) is astronomically more costly than the technology we used in the Korean War.

Just one unmanned drone can cost the military $5 million.

So how much can we expect to spend if a North Korean crisis breaks out? Let's take a look...

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Why North Korea Is "Fake News"

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