Big Weed Is About to Collide with Big Money for Even Bigger Profits

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I knew legal cannabis began to step out of the shadows and onto the big stage when some of its largest and best-run firms started listing on major U.S. stock exchanges.

Two Canadian companies have done that so far – uplisting their OTC-traded stocks to one of the big American exchanges.

At the end of February, Cronos Group Inc. (Nasdaq: CRON) uplisted to the Nasdaq, while Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) debuted on the New York Stock Exchange on May 19.

Both of those were big news at the time.

And for a very good reason, as I’ll show you...

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Legal Weed Is Hitting In the Big Leagues Now

Quite simply, these young, aggressive, and above all well-positioned firms are now on the same playing field as some of the top tech names in the world.

That hasn’t escaped the attention of Wall Street.

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You see, fund managers who run $1 billion-plus portfolios are often hamstrung by strict limits on what they can own.

Often, for example, they can only hold stocks that are traded on major exchanges. In other words, fund managers and other big spenders who like these companies now have the green light to buy. We're talking about pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, and more.

That's a lot of potential buying pressure from institutional investors that should keep interest alive – and money rolling in.

But, for all that, we still haven't seen a cannabis initial public offering (IPO) on one of the big U.S. exchanges.

Until now...

Pot’s Potential Makes This One of Few IPOs Worth Following

A British Columbia-based cannabis startup – one I've been watching for years now – just began marketing its upcoming Nasdaq IPO.

A “roadshow” unlike any other is in the offing.

That means its executives and marketing team have signed up their banking partners... and are hitting the road in order to show (and, of course, sell) its IPO to big-money investors.

It values its IPO at near $1.5 billion – and will make its debut on the Nasdaq Global Select Market exchange.

"In general, U.S. capital markets have generally been closed to growers. [This company] is reflecting that exchanges like Nasdaq and New York [Stock Exchange] are starting to open up to the fact that cannabis is a legitimate marketplace," Scott Greiper, president and founder of cannabis-focused investment bank Viridian Capital Advisors, said. "Every exchange is looking to be on the front lines of capital markets."

And that trend is only going to escalate as more U.S. states – and more nations around the world – continue to legalize cannabis.

This seed-to-sale cannabis company has a long history of being a "first mover" in its sector. Not only is it the first marijuana company to IPO on a major U.S. exchange, but it was the first Canadian cannabis company to distribute its marijuana at home and internationally.

That gives it entry into not only the $4.7 billion Canadian market, but the international market as well. That market is expected to reach $57 billion by 2027, according to Arcview Market Research – and some analysts believe it could reach $1 trillion in short order.

When this company makes its debut, it’ll complete the perfect “Big Weed” triple-play, along with Cronos and Canopy Growth – two pot stocks I recommend accumulating here.

Canada’s Cannabis Billions Could Be Unleashed, Potentially Overnight

Now, I've already laid out my case for this soon-to-be public Canadian company in a special report that's free to select members of my Radical Technology Profits service. You can click here to learn how to get it.

I told those subscribers that it's the "Canadian cannabis IPO I'm watching closest right now" – and that was before the Nasdaq news broke.

But the truth is, weed investing is about more – much more – than a promising IPO.

Just to give you an idea of the potential here, by 2027, it's expected that about 40% of all legal marijuana across the globe will be sold in Canada. All told, Canada's total legal weed market – when you add in the growers, the value-added product makers, the testing labs, security, tourism, exports, and all the rest – could soon reach $22.6 billion, according to Deloitte.

Those incredible statistics cannot be understated.

And they're why I believe investors should be focusing their attention on Canada-based marijuana companies and stocks, like Cronos and Canopy Growth.

I've got more details on how to get in on the future $22.6 billion industry – and that historic IPO – before they take off... Check it all out by clicking here.

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