This Is the Best Marijuana Penny Stock to Buy Today

Some people are skeptics about the boom in the cannabis industry. We aren't. That's why we're going to show you an explosive opportunity, the best marijuana penny stock to buy today.

Our top marijuana penny stock has enormous potential to profit.

best marijuana penny stock to buy todayMicro-cap stocks like the one we'll show you are riskier than traditional companies, so you'll need to manage the risk. But in exchange for the risk, they offer much higher upside than either small caps or midsize equities can.

Plus, risk in marijuana companies shouldn't frighten off investors. New industries can create untold wealth for investors.

Look at craft beer.

Craft Brew Alliance Inc. (NASDAQ: BREW) is a small-cap stock that sold for roughly $6 in 2013.

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Today it sells for over $15 per share, a 150% gain as the industry took off. The number of breweries more than doubled from just under 3,000 in 2013 to over 7,000 in the United States today.

But for penny stocks, the gains can be even more dramatic.

Investors in winning companies could see stock price growth of 300% or 400%.

And our best marijuana penny stock to buy today is a micro cap that has the potential to soar to those levels...

The Top Cannabis Penny Stock Now Has Huge Potential

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Our best marijuana penny stock to buy today is Cannabis One Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: CAAOF).

CAAOF is based out of Colorado and develops, markets, and packages marijuana-related products in Colorado, Washington, and Nevada.

Now, marijuana isn't legal in all states. But that's changing in a hurry. Plus, we fully expect the federal prohibition on marijuana to end soon.

Once that happens, the valuation of Cannabis One could surge higher.

But investors should be excited about CAAOF's recent moves too.

In just this past April, Cannabis One acquired the assets of some other industry players in three separate transactions.

The activity means that Cannabis One now has a bigger product base to grow from in the future.

Company size is important, especially as cannabis becomes more widely used in the United States.

Shares of CAAOF currently trade for $1.49 a share, but doubling to $3.50 a share is a real possibility. And that's just the start.

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