How to Invest in Pre-IPO Companies with Just $50

Congress recently legalized ground-floor investing for all Americans.

Surprised you haven't heard of it? It seems the "haves" of the world may be trying to keep it under wraps.

Luckily, successful angel investor Neil Patel is bringing this new investment strategy to everyday folks like you and me.

For most of history, this was a private market, exclusively for the rich and powerful.

If you couldn't invest $50,000 or $1 million into each deal - tough luck for you.

That all went out the window when Congress passed the JOBS Act.

It had a specific clause in it - Title III - that changed everything.

It instantly made 240 million Americans eligible to become angel investors.

Basically, that means anybody over the age of 18.

Now you can invest $50, $100, maybe $500 or more in a startup, and it can change your life.

What's wild is the vast majority of people have no idea this happened.

They're missing out on one of the greatest drivers of wealth creation that's ever existed.

The reason Neil Patel got into angel investing is to allow the little guy - the underdog - a shot at becoming a multimillionaire.

And he's showing everyday Americans exactly how they can get started today...

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