10 Top Penny Stocks to Watch This Week, Plus One to Buy with 160% Upside

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Stocks surged to all-time highs last week, and that was great news for penny stocks. Diversified Restaurant Holdings Inc. (NADAQ: SAUC) jumped 142%, leading our list of the top penny stocks to watch this week.

But another catalyst is coming that could send stocks across the world surging higher...

On Thursday (Nov. 7), Chinese officials announced that they were closing in on a first draft trade agreement, paving the way for a historic breakthrough in the U.S.-China trade war.

The news sent markets soaring to all-time highs and even prompted the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to announce that the potential trade breakthrough could lead them to revise global growth forecasts upwards for the next year.

And we've found one of the best penny stocks with a chance to cash in on a new trade deal. In fact, it could jump over 160% as markets break into uncharted territory.

After looking at last week's best penny stocks, we'll show you this week's top penny stock...

Penny Stock Current Share Price Last Week's Gain
Diversified Restaurant Holdings Inc. (NADAQ: SAUC) $1.04 142.93%
Urban Tea Inc. (NASDAQ: MYT) $0.78 73.33%
FuelCell Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: FCEL) $0.43 66.63%
Agile Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: AGRX) $2.18 61.48%
Venator Materials Plc. (NYSE: VNTR) $3.90 46.62%
Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (XTSE: ITP) $17.07 44.93%
US Auto Parts Network Inc. (NASDAQ: PRTS) $2.23 39.90%
TrueCar Inc. (NASDAQ: TRUE) $4.78 38.55%
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. (NASDAQ: ADMP) $1.01 37.60%
Ring Energy Inc. (NYSE: REI) $2.38 36%

While these were great gains, these stocks are unlikely to pop again this week. To find the next penny stock with potential, we use the Money Morning Stock VQScore™.

The VQScore scans thousands of stocks and ranks them based on upside potential. And this week, it's found a winning penny stock.

It's a global transportation firm that could get a boost from the end of the trade war.

And it's just getting started...

The Top Penny Stock to Buy This Week

[mmpazkzone name="in-story" network="9794" site="307044" id="137008" type="4"]

Corporacion America Airports SA (NYSE: CAAP) is an international airport operator, facilitating daily airport management and operations.

The world's largest private sector airport concession firm based on the number of airports managed, Corporacion has seen tremendous growth over the last five years due to the growing popularity of air travel.

In 2017, Corporacion airports served approximately 77 million passengers across the globe. That number has grown steadily by roughly 1.5% every quarter, making it one of the fastest growing international airport operators in the world.

According to the company's website, Corporacion maintains a wide scope of operations, covering areas such as architecture, aeronautical and commercial activities, corporate finance, and government affairs.

This broad portfolio allows the firm to quickly adapt to changing trends in the industry and maximise the firm's profit potential.

And it's certainly paid off. Over the last three years, the firm's total revenue has grown 21%.

And it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, that's why analysists have put a $11 price target on the firm - a 165% gain over today's share price of $4.15 a share.

But that could be way too low.

As a company reliant on international business, CAAP hasn't been immune from the trade war. That's kept a lid on the stock over the last year. But that could all change with a trade agreement between the United States and China. With business picking up between the two countries - and economic growth rising across the world - CAAP could see its shares jump higher than the rest of the market.

That's not to mention its perfect VQScore of 4.9.

This stock is primed for a breakout.

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