Turn Your $600 Stimulus Check into Much More with This Top Stock

Congress has finally gotten its act together and passed a stimulus package to support the economy.

That's welcome news. You see, one of the great benefits of these stimulus checks is it's a great opportunity for stock buying.

Not only do investors have a bit more cash to sink into the market, but the boost to the market could create a windfall opportunity for the right stocks.

The second stimulus package included another round of direct payments to millions of Americans. This time it is $600 each and $600 for children.

A lot of people that get stimulus checks do not need the money. They are still working and have stayed employed all year. That was the case with the first package earlier this year as well.

A lot of those checks ended up going to brokerages where traders poured money into the best stocks on the market.

That could also happen this time.

Whether you've got an extra $600 burning a hole in your investing pocket or you're looking to ride the stimulus rally, we've got you covered.

The best stimulus stocks to buy should be in world-changing companies that will benefit from the acceleration of technology adoption.

WARNING: It's one of the most traded stocks on the market every day - make sure it's nowhere near your portfolio. WATCH NOW.

It would be nice if they were going to see growth from some of the hottest consumer trends in the world today as well.

Biotechnology and life sciences companies are helping people live longer, better lives. It would be nice if our one-time $600 investment benefited from those trends as well.

Now that's just a pipe dream, isn't it? There is no way to invest only $600 and gain access to all of the hottest trends driving the economy and the stock market.

Actually, there is a way to benefit from the exciting growth opportunities in sectors like e-commerce, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and software.

To sweeten the pot, you get growth from all these red-hot sectors and a double-digit dividend yield.

Here's how you can do it...

The Best Stimulus Stocks to Buy with Your $600 Check

TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp. (NYSE: TPVG) is a business development company that makes loans to venture stage companies. These are companies that have grown through the venture capital cycle and are now successful companies within a few years of doing an IPO, merger, or other transaction to unlock the investment value for founders and shareholders.

This type of lending is a lot like being on a football team that always starts with the football in the RedZone, making a touchdown very likely.

These are higher-yielding loans and ones that banks don't make very often since the credit crisis changed the regulatory environment.

In addition to the interest payments, TriplePoint gets equity warrants and options that can pay off with enormous gains when one of the companies goes public.

Last quarter, TriplePoint booked gains of $4.9 million from the sale of CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: CRWD), the red-hot cybersecurity company. As of the end of the quarter, it still owned 16,747 shares.

The BDC also had gains of 1.1 million from the sale of Medallia Inc. (NYSE: MDLA) shares, with 18,616 shares still held as of Sept. 30, 2020.

TriplePoint has lent money to some of the biggest names in technology since it was founded in 2014. Its client list has included Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ), Chegg Inc. (NYSE: CHGG), and YouTube.

In the current portfolio, it has loans to 34 companies, warrants in 65 companies, and equity investments in 23 companies.

The portfolio has cybersecurity companies, medical labs, artificial intelligence companies, identify protection service providers, and dozens of other leading-edge companies that will be red-hot IPOs over the next few years.

TriplePoint is careful about which venture stage companies it considers. It works closely with leading venture capital companies to identify companies that are likely to continue to succeed and reach the IPO or merger stage in a few years.

Those loan payments they collect every month are paid back out to us as investors. Right now, the yield is a little over 11%. Good luck finding that in another tech startup.

TriplePoint can help you profit from all the hottest trends in the market and economy with just $600. With shares trading for $12.75 right now, you can buy as much as 47 shares of this stock. On top of share price growth, the dividend will pay you a handsome $66 a year just for holding the stock.

Plus, you do not have to spend any time wondering which new tech or trends will be the hottest. You will have experienced venture capital investors and lenders doing that for you.

That cash can reinvest back into new shares every quarter if you like. I would suggest that approach as it helps you hold the share during rocky markets. If the price of TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC is lower when the dividend is paid, you will buy more shares than when the price is high.

Over time, the value of the warrants and stock it owns in tech leaders should push the stock price a lot higher than it is today. That, along with the double-digit dividend, could turn your $600 stimulus payment into a nice chunk of cash down the road.

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