How to Bank a 100% Win on Clean Energy's "Second Wind"

In late 2020 to early 2021, I was all in on the alternative energy sector and the stocks involved in the shift toward a greener tomorrow.

Fossil fuels were on track to be rendered entirely obsolete by renewables. In the shifting socio-political climate, just about any environmentally friendly company quickly became a trader's gold mine.

But after an industry-wide fallout in early February, I backed off clean energy stocks for a while. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not as bullish as ever on clean energy; I was merely waiting for the ideal time to jump back in...

And on today's Fast Profits with Money Morning, I'll be doing just that, with a clean energy ETF that can help you capture upside gains as the whole industry rebounds...

Buy the Dip on This Clean Energy ETF

The clean energy space became a little overcrowded in February after leading auto manufacturers piled into the EV band wagon. Surging trading volume quickly translated to an overbought sentiment, causing investors to take their profits and run. Today shares of clean energy stocks are down more than 70% from February highs.

But at long last, the bottom of the correction has arrived, and shares are beginning to trek higher back to their former glory.

Analysts are beginning to update their buy recommendations as clean energy tech upgrades draw attention back to some well-known names in the renewables market. Across the globe, continuing clean energy initiatives (like U.S. President Joe Biden's infrastructure spending plan) will soon attract long-term buyers, stabilizing upward momentum.

Coupled with the recent wave of eco-conscious millennials, easily one of the most powerful influences on today's stock market, clean energy stocks are more of buy now than they've ever been.

And one ETF could be the biggest winner of the clean energy glow-up.

Today's Fast Profits trade is on a fund that will offer exposure to the industry-wide comeback, while minimizing the risk accompanying any one stock in this space.

And with a wealth of technicals signaling a positive mid- to long-term outlook, this just became a prime trade to make now.

Watch today's Fast Profits to get my recommendation:

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Trade details...

Action to Take No. 1: Buy shares of the iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (NASDAQ: ICLN) using a limit order of $25.

Action to Take No. 2: Buy to open ICLN Oct. 15, 2021 $25 calls (ICLN211015C00025000) using a limit order of $2.05.

You Won't Break the Bank on This HUGE Tech Payday

Clean energy isn't the only corner of the market expected to make big moves over the next few years...

By now, you're probably well aware - cryptos are on fire. And Tom Gentile has called just about every major Bitcoin run-up over the last few months.

And now, he's making his boldest prediction yet: By 2030, Tom expects Bitcoin to be worth $500,000. If you haven't done the math, that's an 800% run-up.

But you don't need to pay upwards of $50K a coin to get a piece of the upside. In fact, Bitcoin barely scratches the surface of the real profit potential here...

Because when BTC moves, these tiny altcoins move much, much higher.

We're talking run-ups like 273% in 14 days, 780% in 31 days... even 1,904% in 62 days.

The next set of cryptos Tom has his eye on are trading for a few bucks a piece right now... but they could be packing 20X the profit potential of Bitcoin...

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