Trade This Chip Stock Now to Cash In on the Market's Downside

Our Fast Profits plays have been crushing it in 2021, with an average 40% gain on open positions and a running 80% win rate - and they're all bets on stocks going up. But today, it's about time we cash in on the market's downside and add a "short" move to our call-heavy roster.

On today's Fast Profits with Money Morning, I'm targeting a stock in the semiconductor sector that looks like it's headed toward a drop-off.

Though the financial media is crying out to "buy the dip" on semiconductor companies following the global chip shortage, some of these stocks are down for a reason... like today's stock to short.

And amid so much uncertainty on the market, it's the perfect way to play a downside move after any Fed-induced volatility.

Check out the video below for the full play-by-play...

Trade details...

Action to Take: Buy to open CREE Sept. 17, 2021 $97.50 puts (CREE210917C0009750) using a limit order of $9.

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