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For Apple Q2 Earnings, Ignore the Noise and Focus on This

The arrival of Apple Q2 earnings can only mean one thing: The financial media and analysts are convinced the sky is falling.

In recent weeks, we've seen a string of stories agonizing over slowdowns in the Apple supply chain, as well as sluggish iPhone sale in China. Surely, Apple is doomed, right?

The trouble is, we've seen this play before. And in almost every case, concerns were overblown. Investors are better off ignoring these reports.

Here's what you should be watching instead...


One of Our Apple Supplier Stocks Is Up 55% - Here Are Two More Picks

Of the seven Apple supplier stocks we recommended in December, six are in positive territory – and one is up 55%.

We realized four months ago that the excitement over the upcoming iPhone 8 would start to affect not just Apple stock, but the stocks of Apple's suppliers.

And that's just what's happened. Now we're looking at two more Apple supplier stocks that stand to rack up big gains in the months ahead.

One is a "safe" bet and the other is a moonshot...


5 of the Best Stocks to Buy for a Profitable 2017

Our latest list of the best stocks to buy features solid investments that will deliver gains no matter where markets go next.

Some of the companies on our list benefit from top-notch leadership and an unceasing ability to innovate. One should get a boost from policy changes of the incoming Trump administration. One could even deliver almost 100% gains by 2020.

This is a list you'll want to have handy, especially if markets falter...