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While Trump and Putin Kick Off "Cold War 2.0," This Stock Will Soar

Over the past year, I've recommended some profitable direct military and defense plays for my Energy Advantage, Energy Inner Circle, and Micro Energy Trader subscribers.

The connection between energy and global geopolitics might not seem obvious, but it is very real. It's very profitable, too, as you'll see with the choice investment pick I'm going to share in a moment.

Each time I've recommended a defense or military play, energy markets have provided the reason, whether through security reasons impacting energy sources and transport, or energy technology breakthroughs that directly benefit the defense sector.

The South China Sea, "off-the-grid" power systems, North Korea, Iran – developments in all these places and more have delivered consistent profits.

And over the past week, a ratcheting up of geopolitical tensions has compelled me to share a recommendation previously reserved for my paid subscribers with everyone...