How Bill Finds the Best Stocks First

Private Briefing's Bill Patalon has shown us quite a bit about finding the best stocks at great prices.

For instance, one of the things he looks for is high levels of "insider buying" (not insider trading), which is a very potent profit catalyst for stocks. After all, insiders sell their shares for all kinds of reasons, but they buy for one reason alone: They expect the stock to go straight up.

Another method Bill uses to bullseye shares, particularly when making a prescient "early" call, is the business model. A solid business model, especially from the get-go, almost always brings in solid revenue later.

Especially potent is the old "give 'em the razor, sell 'em the blades" model of locking in a juicy revenue stream.

It was perfected by King Camp Gillette in the early 20th century, and you know how it works: The durable razors can be had for cheap… but the disposable blades you need to stick on the business end are often three or four times more expensive, and most people need a steady supply.

That's expensive if you're a customer, but it ought to make investors' eyes light up.

It's an old, profitable technique, but it's actually becoming more widespread - and more profitable - as time goes on...