Why Hyliion Stock Is a Better Buy Than Nikola

Hyliion stock will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange Friday, Oct.


The company is merging with Tortoise Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: SHLL) after a vote by SHLL shareholders on Monday, Sept.


Tortoise Acquisition is up 370% since its IPO in June, from $10 to $47.

The Hyliion reverse merger is big news in the SPAC world, only weeks after Nikola stock fell from grace.

Initially, Nikola traded for $73, but it has since dropped to $19 after rumors of fraud by CEO Trevor Milton.

This might have many investors second-guessing electric vehicle stocks – and the whole Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) model of investment.

But just because Nikola appears to be a dud right now, does not mean there aren't still huge opportunities for stocks in this field.

Hyliion is quite a different animal from Nikola in almost every respect.

Today, you're going to see why and whether or not you should buy it.