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It’s Time to Short the Bond Market

The Fed’s backstopping of the bond market was an effort to save the U.S.

stock market, but it’s clear now that saying it and actually doing it are two very different things.

Our Shah Gilani’s takeaway from it is that it’s time to short the bond market.

And today he’ll show you exactly how to do that to ensure you’ll walk away with the most profits….



Follow Where All the Money's Going into the Market

According to the Investment Company institute (ICI), year to date, investors have taken some $291 billion out of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

But that's not the whole story. The ICI's numbers represent net flows, meaning there were inflows, but they were dwarfed by outflows.

The real story isn't about net outflows – it's about where the $108 billion that flowed into the market went, and how you can profit from that movement.

ETFs are much better investment vehicles than mutual funds.

They're tradable all day (which means they're infinitely more "liquid" than mutual funds), they're cheaper than mutual funds, and there are thousands of specialty ETFs that mutual funds can't touch.

And today, our Shah Gilani is going to show you where the money went and how to follow it...


Why Most Stock Market Predictions Are Contradicting Mr. Market Now

The majority of stock market predictions for the rest of 2020 say equities will turn south and likely re-test the March lows.

The forecasters cite the seemingly endless drumbeat of terrible economic news.

But none of that has stopped stock prices from surging higher.

It's a contradiction that has puzzled many investors. Stimulus is part of the answer.

But one unprecedented move by the Fed is the real reason for the rally...