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Why AAPL Stock Is Still a Bargain

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) became the first trillion-dollar company on Aug. 2, leaving many investors with the impression that AAPL stock had little room to run higher.

That couldn't be more wrong.

Here's why investing in Apple is still hugely profitable, plus a bonus opportunity to play one of their suppliers for even bigger profit potential...


Apple Might Be a Trillion-Dollar Company, but Its Stock Is Still a Bargain

After Apple Inc. became the first company to achieve a trillion-dollar market cap on Aug. 2, many investors felt as though they'd missed out on one of the most historic run-ups in Wall Street history.

But they're just missing the bigger picture. In fact, the world's first trillion-dollar company is just getting started.

You see, Apple is still an absolute bargain - even after breezing through this historic marker, the company is trading well below the inflated metrics of its peers and the market as a whole.


Triple Your Money with This Backdoor Play on Apple Stock

Apple stock may be the gold standard of the tech era, but its size means limited profit potential.

For truly monster gains, we've got a backdoor pick that provides key technology for Apple's devices.

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