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One of the Best Defense Stocks to Buy as Iran Tensions Mount

In June, Iran announced its military had shot down a U.S. drone and claimed its nation was "ready for war."

The country has rejected accusations from the United States that it violated terms of a 2015 nuclear agreement and it could once again be facing U.N. sanctions.

This is a critical time on the world stage, but it’s also caught the attention of Wall Street and defense stock investors.

When geopolitical uncertainty rears its ugly head, defense stocks tend to soar.

And given the U.S. commitment to a strong defense, some of these investments can even be considered resistant to recessions.



The Best Defense Stock to Buy as Tensions with Iran Build

With tensions building between the U.S. and Iran, we went searching for the top defense stock to buy right now.

And we found just the one…

It has a strong balance sheet with just $2 billion in debt.

And its total debt to capital sits at just 29.4%, compared to an industry average of 68%.

The firm even pays a 2.13% dividend, which outpaces its rivals 1.9% average.

And its gross profit margins, operating profit margins, and net profit margins all outpace the industry average as well.

But the company’s standard financial metrics tell just half of the story of why it is a breakout stock with a very high VQScore.

As you’ll see, the firm is about to make major strides in the increased competition for Pentagon dollars…