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This Options Trading Strategy Got Readers 1,025% in 3 Weeks; Now It's Your Turn

The Dow Jones Industrial Average slid more than 2,000 points on March 9 (Monday).

And while that's a jarring single-day loss, it wasn't all that surprising given current market fears.

Concerns about coronavirus are no laughing matter.

But it's important to realize that, even in a market gripped by fear, there are profit opportunities.

Specifically, we're going to show you an options trading strategy that returned 1,025% in less than 30 days.


Trading Strategies

Don't Be Scared of a Dropping Stock - Do This Instead

On Monday, Apple announced that it expects revenue to suffer this coming quarter – news that caused the stock to open a full 3% lower Tuesday morning.

And AAPL is just the beginning. Revenue across multiple industries is about to feel the effects of COVID-19, aka the coronavirus.

As the second-largest economy in the world, China produces over $25 trillion in products a year. Pick up any product on your desk right now – a stapler, a pen, even your keyboard – and it probably says those three little words, "Made in China."

But the country's economic growth has hit a major roadblock with the coronavirus.

As the pneumonia-like virus continues its rapid spread through China, revenue will suffer. Which, in turn, could pull stocks in world markets down drastically.

In fact, it already has…

But I'm not writing this to scare you. There's no reason to be fearful.

Today I'm going to show you the best way to deal with a dropping stock and protect your portfolio… Full Story

But there's no reason to be fearful. Today, Tom's going to show you the best way to deal with a dropping stock and protect your portfolio...


The One Permian Oil Stock to Buy Before Its Big Rebound

Oil prices are set to rise in the United States as the summer driving season commences.

U.S. sanctions on Venezuela and Iran are having a profound impact on refiners' ability to procure crude required for diesel fuel.

Russia and OPEC (which includes Saudi Arabia) will continue to cut crude production to bolster support.

And optimism continues to rise about a trade deal between the United States and China.

Today, we found the best oil stock to buy that recently earned one of our top VQScores and is ready for a huge bounce back in the next few months...