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How to Play the Latest Dip in Oil and Natural Gas Prices

natural gas prices

Here in the energy sector, the other shoe has just dropped. Natural gas prices have now declined to their lowest point since 2012.

But in any shakeout like the one under way, there are always investment opportunities.

And I’ve identified two specific ways you can profit despite the lows we’re seeing right now for oil and gas.

Here’s my take on what’s affecting the markets today… and the two ways to play the current low prices to your advantage…

Should I Buy Chesapeake Energy Corp. (NYSE: CHK) Stock?

chk stock

Lately Chesapeake Energy Corp. (NYSE: CHK) stock has been getting some unwanted attention from short sellers. A lot of traders see CHK stock weakness, and they want to profit from an anticipated fall in the CHK stock price.

There may yet be a compelling case to buy CHK stock. Natural gas prices have regained slightly, meaning the March lows could signal a bottom. Perhaps its oversold? Maybe it's in for a nice pop on a short squeeze?

Here's what you'll want to consider before buying this natural gas giant...