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What's Next for the DuPont Stock Price After $130 Billion Merger

The DuPont stock price (NYSE: DD) slipped 5% to $70.83 Friday morning after agreeing to an all-stock $130 billion merger with rival Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE: DOW).

Shares of Dow fell 4.4% to $52.45.

Here's what investors need to know about the future of the DuPont stock price as we head into 2016...

Cable Industry

Charter-Time Warner Merger Invites These Future Deals (CHTR, TWC)

The Charter-Time Warner merger is part of an industry consolidation that is far from over.

After several weeks of intrigue, Charter Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: CHTR) won the race for the hand of Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE: TWC).

Charter beat out several other suitors, including hungry French rival Altice SA (AMS: ATC).

Those that lost out will be looking for new dance partners...

mergers and acquisitions

The Top 3 Moves to Make in the $811.8 Billion M&A Market

There's a lot of money to be made in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market. And we expect to see a lot more through the end of the year.

What's most important to know about this lucrative sector, however, is which "Tech Takeover Targets" to pay attention to.

So here are three stock you shouldn't ignore...

Mergers & Acqusitions

Why the Acquisition Rumors Miss the Mark on Cloud (CRM)

Rumors that a big tech player is ponying up funds for a acquisition give the financial media a lot to talk about.

Who will buy Inc. (NYSE: CRM)? Right now the Wall Street media circus is in full swing trying to find an answer.

Here's why that's all noise...


Heinz – Kraft Merger Represents Value, Growth

Kraft Foods Group Inc (NASDAQ: KRFT) opened at an all-time high Wednesday on the news of its merger with HJ Heinz Company (NYSE: HNZ).

Learn more about the merger of Kraft Foods Group and HJ Heinz Company.

Mergers and Acquisitions

2015 Mergers and Acquisitions: Anticipated Deals Going Down This Year

2015 Mergers and Acquisitions: M&A activity, if executed properly, can result in industry dominance and shareholder wealth.

Some of the companies planning to tie up in 2015 could monopolize an entire sector, while others simply hope to bolster their chances against the competition.

Here are the most anticipated and industry-changing deals ahead...

BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton Ltd. (NYSE: BBL) Demerges in Midst of Busy M&A Activity

The global metals and mining giant BHP Billiton Ltd. (NYSE: BBL) is looking to simplify its portfolio of mining assets by spinning off a portion of its business into a separate entity.

BBL stock was down 5.4% when markets opened this morning.

Here's what the company plans to do with this demerger...

Hot Stocks

Dollar General (NYSE: DG) Goes After Family Dollar

Dollar General (NYSE: DG) stock is up today after the company made a bid for Family Dollar.

This comes three weeks after Dollar Tree's first bid for the discount retailer.

So who will win this bidding war? Take a look...

Hot Stocks

Why Family Dollar Stock (NYSE: FDO) Gained 5% From Rival Takeover Bid

Family Dollar stock (NYSE: FDO) finished up 5% on news of a rival takeover bid from Dollar General.

So will it be a merger between FDO-DG or FDO-DLTR? Here are the details on which is a better deal for Family Dollar...

Energy Investing

What the Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) Deal Means for Master Limited Partnerships

With its bombshell consolidation announcement, Kinder Morgan Inc. (NYSE: KMI) has suddenly become the third-largest energy company in America.

In a $71 billion deal, Kinder Morgan is bringing all of its publicly traded companies under one roof as a single C-corporation.

So, does this massive consolidation mark the end of master limited partnerships (MLPs) as a main driver in the energy sector?

Does this massive consolidation mark the end of master limited partnerships (MLPs) as a main driver in the energy sector?