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“Windfall Tax” or Not, These Oil Stocks Are Still a Buy

President Biden took another jab at Big Oil yesterday, taking aim at a record $30 billion in combined industry earnings this quarter.He threatened higher taxes on oil companies should they fail to work to lower consumer gas prices.Americans continue to face high prices at the pump – $.3.75 a gallon on average nationwide – despite the Department of Energy releasing millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

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3 DRIP Stocks with 4% Yields

If dividend stocks provide investors with predictable income, then DRIP stocks offer significant long-term growth potential.

As a result, DRIP stocks allow you to own more shares of the company or fund over time, making them an excellent way to consistently grow your wealth by compounding your returns.



Exxon Stock Forecast: 45% Growth When Oil Hits $100 a Barrel

With oil prices continuing to rise this year, investors have been hopping on board the Big Oil train.

And Exxon stock is leading the way.

Oil prices climbed nearly 50% higher on the year and Exxon is already a clear winner.

Exxon stock has followed oil prices, gaining 46% on the year.

But investors aren’t interested in whether Exxon was a good stock to buy at the start of the year.

You want to know if Exxon stock is a great buy today.

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How to Play Bitcoin and Bitcoin Stocks Right Now

Following its market debut, high buying volume drove Coinbase’s stock price to well over $400 a share and increased its value to over $100 billion.

With that much cash behind it, COIN has become an instant institution that’s moved the timeline forward on the crypto market.

So, what are the investing implications for Bitcoin and its biggest stocks? While the trend is currently down, Chris will show you some charts that’ll make clear just how big of a buying opportunity this is….



Here's My Favorite Safe Dividend Stock Right Now

Lots of investors love to own "dividend stocks" like TLT and PTTRX for the seemingly high yield; they're hugely popular.

But, if you look closer, you'll see that yield comes at the cost of share price performance.

That "high yield" can drag your whole portfolio down.

Chris Johnson's used his screener to find 15 of the safest dividend performers out there, plus one you must own.



Marathon, Magellan, and CrossAmerica: The Stocks to Buy Before Gas Hits $4 a Gallon

Gas prices could surge to over $4 a gallon this summer.

But instead of sweating at the pump you could be raking in the profit with these top oil stocks to buy.

You see, higher demand could mean higher gas prices across the United States as we enter the summer.

AAA is forecasting gas prices could hit $4 a gallon this summer.


Fortunately, there are some stocks that we can buy that will perform very well if oil and gas prices continue to move higher.