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U.S. Economy

Startup Companies

Startup Companies Are Changing the World (Infographic)

Established companies get most of the attention, but startup companies are where the world gets its best ideas, and are the source of most of America's economic strength.

Startup companies are the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit that built America. Such innovators made the nation an industrial giant in the late nineteenth century with the rise of railroads and oil, and lives on today in the tech innovations of Silicon Valley.

This infographic explains why startups are so vital to the economy...

U.S. Economy

July Retail Sales Data Lowest in Six Months, Suggesting a Weak Q3

July retail sales data was flat, only up 0.1% from June.

The dismal July read was the weakest since January.

Here’s how that fits in to the overall U.S. economic recovery – or lack of…

Short Selling

Short Selling Unpopular GameStop Stock (NYSE: GME) Hasn't Paid Off – Yet

GameStop stock (NYSE: GME) is a short selling favorite, and for good reason.

It's trying to navigate an online-centric marketplace as a physical retailer, and the short bets are playing off this knowledge to mount a strong position against the company.

But trying to profit off GME's downfall has proven harder than anticipated. Here's why...


China's Raiding the Offices of These Major U.S. Companies – and You Won't Like Why

China isn't happy with how a lot of U.S. companies do business in their country, and has become much less shy about showing it.

Last year Chinese regulatory authorities dug up a 2008 antimonopoly law and started using it as a club on both U.S. and other foreign companies to encourage them to cut the prices they charge to Chinese customers.

Whether a violation of the law occurred or not doesn’t seem to matter…

Hot Stocks

CSCO, JCP, PCLN Among Hottest Stocks to Watch This Week

Hot stocks to watch today: While August is usually a slow month for market news, this has been an exception.

And this week will continue the activity when these companies report earnings.

Here are hot stocks to watch on earnings, including CSCO, JCP, and PCLN...

Stock Market Today

Market News: DJIA Regains Weekly Losses in One Day, Plus These Top Stories

Stock market close, Aug. 8, 2014: The DJIA and other U.S. markets soared on Friday after positive economic data indicated fundamental growth in the domestic economy.

Here's a summary of today's top stock market news stories...


2 Gold Mining Stocks Flashed a "Buy" Signal with Earnings This Week

Gold mining stocks have benefitted from gold prices' 6.24% rise in 2014 – with some rising as much as 13 times the gain in physical gold.

This week, Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth had his eye on two gold mining stocks that were due to release earnings: Franco-Nevada Corp. (NYSE: FNV) and Royal Gold Inc. USA (Nasdaq: RGLD).

Here's how they did - and why both are "Buys" for investors in gold mining stocks...


The Six-Week Silver Price Rally Ends on Summer Trading and Renewed Confidence

Barring a big surge later in the day, silver prices are likely to finish down on the week for the first time since the last week of May.

Here's why silver has traded higher during these typically slow summer weeks…

Here's why silver has traded higher during these typically slow summer weeks..

U.S. Economy

To Gauge the U.S. Economy's Health, Heed the Call of CEOs – Not Central Bankers

The U.S. Federal Reserve released its minutes from June's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting yesterday, revealing that the central bank was going to follow the same script of tapering bond purchases and remaining coy on interest rate hikes.

In the following video, Fitz-Gerald discusses which industries are positioned well despite the uncertainty caused by the Fed, and names companies with solid fundamentals. Take a look at these top picks.

Read More…

Stock Market Today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Shatters 17,000; GPRO and SPPI in Top Stories

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today, July 1, 2014: flirted within two points of 17,000 on Tuesday, as transportation, technology, and small-cap stocks surged. The Nasdaq led the day by percentage gains, jumping more than 1.2%. The exchange's gains were fueled by Netflix, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: NFLX) gain of 6.5% after it received an upgrade from Goldman Sachs' analysts.

Here's the scorecard from today's trading session:

Here's the scorecard from today's trading session: