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U.S. GDP Figures Show U.S. Economy Is Growing Faster Than Expected

The U.S. Commerce Department reported today (Thursday) that U.S. GDP grew faster in Q2 2015 than first thought, thanks to solid domestic demand.

The Commerce Department's second GDP report showed that gross domestic product expanded at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 3.7%.

That data likely has the Fed rethinking when to move on interest rates...

Stock Market Crash

Peter Schiff on U.S. Dollar Crisis: "The Dollar Bubble Is Going to Burst"

Peter Schiff, economist, best-selling author, and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, believes a U.S. dollar crisis is underway.

"The dollar is very overvalued…and the dollar is a bubble," he told Newsmax Prime on Aug. 11. "This dollar bubble is going to burst."

Indeed, two weeks later and Schiff's prediction proved timely. The U.S. dollar index has suffered a fourth-straight loss, and U.S. markets have plummeted in the worst weekly sell-off in four years.

Many blame the surprise yuan devaluation. But Schiff believes investors should be worried about the United States, not China...


BREAKING: Devaluing the Chinese Yuan Will Spark a U.S. Economic Collapse

The Chinese government made the surprise decision today (Tuesday) to devalue the Chinese yuan. It's an action that could have dire consequences to the U.S. economy.

Today's move was the largest devaluation in the Chinese yuan's history. The yuan's value was cut almost 1.9% against the U.S. dollar.

Here's why that could have disastrous results in the United States...

Jobs Report

U.S. Jobs Report Shows Highest Layoff Total in Four Years

The U.S. jobs report showed 105,696 pink slips were handed out last month as job cuts skyrocketed to the highest level in four years.

The oil patch continues to feel pain, but it isn't alone.

Keep reading to see which industries and companies were hit the hardest...

Housing Market

The Home Sales Market Is Dead – This Chart Proves It

The seasonally adjusted headline number for the monthly-error-times-12-annualized version of new home sales in June was 482,000.

Wall Street analysts had guessed that the number would be 550,000. The Wall Street Journal went into apoplectic excuse-making mode, almost foaming at the mouth to try to find pundits to explain away the bad number.

The whole spectacle was silly and pointless since we have actual data and can readily see whether sales remain on trend or not. We don't need Wall Street pundits to tell us what to think.

We can see for ourselves...

Small Cap stocks

How This Silicon Valley Candidate for President Could Drive Your Tech Shares Higher

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a president who understood all the advances coming out of Silicon Valley? There's one candidate capable of doing that.

We believe this candidate has what it takes to see this country skyrocket ahead technologically throughout the next four to eight years, far beyond other developed nations of the world.

This Silicon Valley presidential candidate could drive your tech shares much higher...

U.S. Debt

How the U.S. Debt Works

Policymakers need to start being more honest about how the U.S. debt works.

It's an age-old debate among the members of Congress. How do we cut the budget? How do we reduce the debt?

But that debate is being framed in the wrong way.

Here's what no one in Congress is telling you about how the U.S. debt works...

Week in Review

What the Supreme Court Did for Healthcare Stocks

U.S. markets were relatively quiet last week with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping 0.4% to 17,946.68, the S&P 500 also slipping 0.4% to 2101.49 and the NASDAQ Composite shedding 0.7% to 5080.51.

The real action was in China, where the Shanghai Composite Index collapsed by 7.4% on Friday and neared a 20% drop which would constitute bear market territory. Chinese stocks saw their biggest two-week plunge since December 1996.

While the market Shanghai market is still up an extraordinary 70% since last November, China's central bank ran to the rescue Saturday morning by cutting its benchmark lending rate to a record low and lowering reserve requirements for some lenders.

Farmers may have to return to their fields if Chinese authorities aren't able to stop the obviously insane stock market bubble from bursting.

For us, Europe is the more dangerous place to be right now...

U.S. Economy

The Wealth Gap in America Has Reached Historic Levels

The wealth gap in the United States and other developed countries hasn't been this big since the 1980s, according to a new report from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

In the 1980s, the top 10% of earners in the developed world made seven times the income of the bottom 10%. But the wealth gap has expanded since. By 2013, the top 10% had 9.6 times the income of the bottom 10%. That was across 34 nations.

And the numbers in the U.S. are even worse…

U.S. economy

Catalyst #3: China Gold Reserves Threaten the U.S. Dollar

China gold reserves have been kept secret – but we know China is stockpiling faster than ever. And with enough of the yellow metal, China gold reserves could actually harm the U.S. dollar.

Watch the video to see how analysts know China is secretively stockpiling gold - and exactly why that poses a threat…