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You Should Always Be Fearful When There's No Fear (Here's Why)

Bearish Signal from the Dow Theory? I spoke with Chuck Carlson, CEO and Publisher of the “Dow Theory Forecasts,” last week about the pending bearish signal from the Dow Theory. I’ll have a video of our interview available tomorrow on our YouTube channel, but here’s the bottom line… Write this down and keep it on […]

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These Inflation-Fighting Retailers Are Winning

Last week, shares of Walmart (WMT) took off through the roof after the discount retailer announced earnings results that were better than investors’ expectations… But there was a catch. Walmart, known historically for its no-frills shopping experience and low prices, tends to attract buyers through their doors when things get tight with the family budget. […]

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Three Stocks: Walmart, Bitcoin, and Coinbase

Walmart Shares of retailing giant Walmart (WMT) were 7% higher on Thursday after the company reported earnings that were better than Wall Street expectations. The company beat its earnings per share target by $0.07, growing revenue by 6% over last year’s numbers, but the real story was in comments made by management. Walmart’s earnings numbers […]

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This Week’s Data Releases Can’t Miss!

The S&P 500 and other indices have clawed their way back to within 1% of their recent highs after an ORDERLY 5% pullback. Now, I love an orderly pullback more than any investor out there. Producer Price Index (PPI) This is one of the highest impact data points out there as investors continue to watch […]

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Amazon Just Kicked the Legs Out from Under Walgreens

It’s been a horrible couple of years for Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA). I never really considered the stores a “retail store” in the sense that I went there to buy anything outside of Band-Aids, Tylenol, sunscreen, and maybe an Ace Bandage here and there. On a sidenote, I buy all of that from Costco (COST) […]

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2 Inflation Stocks to Buy Now

Today, a dollar doesn’t pack the same value it did ten years ago.That’s because of inflation.And as you might have noticed, nowadays it's getting out of hand.The Labor Department's latest numbers show the consumer price index rising 7.5% in January, the highest reading in 40 years.