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Why Ripple’s Problem Means Huge Bitcoin Profits

There’s a huge controversy surrounding Ripple (XRP) right now – basically, Ripple insists it’s a cryptocurrency, but the SEC says it’s an unregistered security.

Andrew sees Ripple coming under increasing pressure as more exchanges pull the ripcord.

And that brings us to Bitcoin – the coin he’s expecting to be a huge beneficiary of all this….



Why Walmart Stock Is the Perfect Call Option Play Now

The number of different ways to trade a stock can intimidate some investors.

But before deciding what specific options to buy or sell, the very first step is deciding which underlying stock offers the greatest opportunities.

Walmart stock might have the best call option play now on the market. And here's why.

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This Is Like Buying Amazon Back in 2008

While Amazon’s the undisputed king of e-commerce, it’s a little too pricey for regular investors with a price tag of $3,100.

And Andrew believes that while Amazon is good, it isn’t necessarily the best e-commerce play right now.

Instead, here’s where your investment dollar belongs… .



Profit on Amazon’s Growth at One-Third the Price

There’s a leader in the e-commerce space whose stock costs less than one-third of Amazon even though its earnings are growing 10% faster.

Today Michael’s going to show you how this market-crusher could double again in less than two years and why it’s a profitable addition to your portfolio….


Trading Strategies

How I’m Trading XRT This Coming Week

Like just about everything else this year, Black Friday, today, is shaping up to look mighty different. Lots of retailers are coming forward to announce their annual "game plan," but some outfits just plain didn't open up on Thanksgiving yesterday.

Plenty of retailers – Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond – jump to mind.

Now, some companies said they did it for safety reasons; the coronavirus pandemic is as bad as it's ever been in many places, making packed aisles a dicey proposition. Other retailers say they were rewarding employees that have had to go "above and beyond" over the past year.

The "traditional" ways traders have cashed in on Black Friday in the past aren't necessarily going to work here in 2020.

Here's what to do… Full Story

Here's what to do...