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Alibaba Stock

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This Week's 8% Alibaba Stock Price Rally Is Just the Start

Alibaba stock price

The Alibaba stock price jumped 5.5% to a 52-week high of $92.76 today after better than expected Q2 2016 results.

This is just the start of the Alibaba stock price rally.

Here's why...

The Alibaba Stock Price Drops Nearly 3%, Why We're Still Bullish


The Alibaba stock price today is falling after one of its biggest holders, SoftBank, sold $7.9 billion worth of BABA stock.

After Alibaba reported it was under investigation from the SEC at the end of May, investors can't seem to catch a break with this company.

But Wall Street is completely ignoring the real reason SoftBank sold its shares. In fact, there's a much bigger Alibaba stock story going on that you need to hear...

Is Today's Alibaba Stock Price Drop a Long-Term Concern?

Alibaba stock price

Alibaba shares slumped 3.67% to $78.14 Wednesday after the company acknowledged the SEC is looking into the Chinese e-commerce giant's annual blockbuster sale day.

But we're still not concerned about the Alibaba stock price today...

Here's why...

Underrated Alibaba Stock Is Our Pick of the Week

Alibaba stock

Investors have been shunning Alibaba stock in the wake of China's stock market crash last year and concerns about slowing growth there.

But to paint Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE ADR: BABA) with those issues is a disservice to the stock. This company has tremendous growth prospects, which is why it's our Pick of the Week.

Here's why the BABA stock price is likely to double within three years...

Alibaba Stock Price Receives Major Catalyst Today from $1 Billion Acquisition

buy Alibaba stock

Before we get into what today's $1 billion acquisition means for the Alibaba stock price, here's some details about the potential packed deal.

The transaction opens up a whole new growth area for Alibaba.

Here's what you need to know...

Why the Alibaba Stock Price's 12% Rally This Month Is Just the Start

Alibaba stock price

The Alibaba stock price has rallied 12% in the last month, and we see BABA stock climbing even higher from here in 2016.

But before we get to our long-term outlook on the Alibaba stock price, here's why shares are climbing this month...

Alibaba Stock Price Heading Higher After This Month's 12% Rally

Alibaba stock price

The Alibaba stock price is up 12.5% in the last month, while the Dow Jones and S&P 500 are up just 3.9% and 3.4% in the same time, respectively.

And we think the Alibaba stock price has even further to climb in 2016. But before we get into that, here's why BABA stock is climbing this month...

BABA Stock Set to Soar on This $4 Billion Catalyst in 2016


Yes, the Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA) stock price is still down 16.6% year to date, but the company has just received a new $4 billion catalyst that should drive BABA stock higher in 2016.

Before we get to the catalyst, here's why the BABA stock price has been so volatile in 2016...

The Real Opportunity in Groupon Stock's 80% Rebound

Groupon stock

The Groupon stock price has jumped over 80% in less than a week.

While that's a nice gain in the short term, long-term investors have watched the GRPN stock price fall more than 54% over the last 12 months.

Wall Street is overlooking the bigger picture, however, so we need to share the real profit opportunity that this discount coupon site will provide...

The Best Investing Strategy for Alibaba Stock After Earnings


Alibaba stock was volatile this morning (Thursday) after the company reported quarterly earnings. Shares jumped more than 4% at the open, but were quickly down 2.5% in morning trading.

That volatility is typical of Alibaba stock, and it underscores the investing strategy we've been recommending for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) since the 2014 IPO.

We'll detail how to profit from Alibaba stock shortly, but first, here's the reason for the wild BABA stock price swing today...

Why the BABA Stock Price Is a Buy Today

stocks to buy now

The BABA stock price is down 12.99% in 2016, and investors continue to panic because of the volatile Chinese stock market.

But Wall Street is only focusing on the issues with China and are once again forgetting to look at the bigger picture.

That's why Money Morning answers the question, " Does the BABA stock price make it a buy today?" Read on to find out...

Our Alibaba Stock Forecast 2016 Shows the Rebound Will Continue

Alibaba stock forecast

It was a volatile year to be a BABA shareholder, but our Alibaba stock forecast for 2016 shows that there will be significant revenue growth for the company.

Chairman Jack Ma's acquisitions are going to add billions of dollars of revenue to the company, but he is far from finished from growing Alibaba's bottom line.

Here are the three biggest catalysts for revenue growth that are going to bring BABA shareholders huge profits in 2016 and beyond...

Why the Alibaba Stock Price Is Up Today and Will Climb Higher


The Alibaba stock price is up 1% in early morning trading after the company announced two major deals.

Alibaba will create a subscription service for Disney and Pixar movies and has agreed to work with rival Tencent Holdings to place a group bid for Chinese film company Bona Film Group.

These two moves are making the BABA stock price jump today, but here's the real reason to be bullish on BABA stock in 2016 and beyond…

Why the Alibaba Stock Price Will Climb Despite Slow Holiday Sales

alibaba stock

The Alibaba stock price has been rising all day on Cyber Monday.

By late afternoon, BABA stock was up over 1.5% on the day.

The gains are great for current investors, but read on to find out if Alibaba can continue to offer favorable returns or if BABA stock is still too volatile to add to your portfolio...

Why the Alibaba Spin-Off Is Under Attack from This Activist Investor


Activist hedge fund and key Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) shareholder Starboard Value LP has thrown a major snag in the company's Alibaba spin-off plans.

Starboard is pressuring Yahoo to halt the $20 billion Alibaba spin-off and instead sell its sputtering Internet business.

Here's what Starboard wants Yahoo to do instead....