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"Microchip Medicine" Will Save Millions of Lives

A new generation of medical devices is set to have a profound impact on American health – and wealth.

You see, I know from detailed research and analysis that more than 100,000 people in the U.S. die each year from bad reactions to drugs.

That's more than three times as many as those who die from all street drugs, including heroin.

Fortunately, a better way is just on the horizon.

Indeed, new "microchip medicine" technology by itself could save as many as 1 million American lives roughly every decade.

It's proof that you should never throw a good idea away. The two researchers behind this new breakthrough device first thought of it more than 15 years ago.

Now, their tiny product appears headed to produce some big results.

Microchip Medicine Breakthroughs

To reach this breakthrough, the two Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers teamed up with their colleagues at a small biotech firm called MicroCHIPS. The firm is privately held.

But if it ever goes public, you'll want to keep an eye on MicroCHIPS as a potentially winning investment – one that also will benefit millions.

Here's why: A new study showed that doctors can safely implant a small semiconductor into a patient's body.

In turn, doctors can program the microchip to deliver the correct doses of medicine at precisely the right times.

The chips operate wirelessly and can be programmed as needed to change doses. How cool is this?

This particular study involved providing drugs to women who suffer from osteoporosis. But I believe it could be used with dozens of diseases treated with prescription drugs.

But don't take my word for it. Here is what MIT professor Robert Langer had to say.

"You could literally have a pharmacy on a chip," Langer told the college journal MIT News.

His partner, Michael Cima, also addressed one of my main concerns, which is patient safety. Of course, he didn't directly discuss saving lives.

But he seems to understand instinctively how difficult it is for patients on multiple drugs to keep taking them in the correct sequence.

The microchip technology avoids the "compliance issue completely," Cima says, adding that it "points to a future where you have fully automated drug regimens."

Bingo. That's what I'm talking about.

In the very near future, your doctor will no longer bother with injections or pills. Instead, he will implant a microchip in your body.

That chip – or something similar – will deliver the right drugs at the right time.

To keep you safe, your doctor will get alerts from your body delivered wirelessly from your chip directly to his computer network.

Some obstacles remain, however.

Right now, the chips can only deliver 20 doses. But MicroCHIPS is working on a system that will increase that number to 100.

In fact, I predict that in the next few years, patients will receive several different prescribed drugs from a single chip.

After all, we live in an Era of Radical Change in which devices get ever more powerful as they get smaller.

Microchip Medicine Means Longer Lifespans

The combination of new computers, software and biotech will combine to help us live well beyond 100 with much better physical and mental health.

More breakthroughs are on the way…

Take the "crab" that can eat the cancer inside your body.

Actually, it's a crab-like robot brought to you by researchers at National University of Singapore.

They designed these medical bots to enter a patient's stomach through an endoscope. It's a small camera guided by a wire.

A surgeon then guides the "medbot" to the cancer. Once on target, the bot uses a pincer to cut out the cancer, which the robotic arm then removes.

This could have a major medical impact across the board. That includes those stricken with stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer remains a leading killer worldwide and is common in East Asia. Researchers said the robot recently helped remove early-stage stomach cancers in five patients in India and Hong Kong.

The Singapore team also reported three other benefits – no scars, less time in surgery and reduced risks of infection.

Bad Vision?… There's an App for That

Finally, your smart phone may soon be able to give you an eye exam. This new $2 app comes to you from MIT Professor Ramesh Raskar.

He notes that some 2 billion people in the world need glasses. But millions in developing nations can't get their eyes checked.

His Netra system uses an eyepiece that clips to the smart phone. It then measures your vision.

Raskar's team says Netra uses cheap optics and interactive software to replace costly laser-based gear.

He talked about Netra's potential in a YouTube video. He says the team is working with eye clinics and eye-glass firms to get the new tech out in the field.

So, you can see that at the very least, some of this new technology will improve human health. Others will help us live much longer.

Still others will no doubt save millions of lives someday.

And remember, as investors we will benefit as well, since some new medical devices are bound to result in some very profitable stock plays.

In the future issues I'll discuss them.

[Editor's Note: Today's Private Briefing features another biotech profit play – a "baby biotech" whose breakthrough therapy has led to a billion-dollar deal. The stock has doubled in the last six months. But Martin Hutchinson explains why there's more to come. Click here to find out more.]

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  1. Eileen | March 1, 2012

    This technology also allows agencies like the out-of-control FDA to forcefully medicate people by forcing the doctor to program the chip to do so. With all the research saying prescription drugs shorten lives, it behooves me to read this article saying automatic dosing will save lives.

    It may be good for market watchers and players to invest in this stock, but I for one will not allow anyone to implant a microchip in me. I am not a dog, sorry.

    • CAROL FERGUSON | March 5, 2012

      I totally agree with your position Eileen, this concept gives me the

  2. indigo | March 1, 2012

    NO THANKS!!!!!
    This just opens the door to more invasive chipping in the name of keeping us safe,healthy,happy or whatever name you want to pin to it.I would NEVER invest in something It is a precursor to more gov't control and this is where it is heading, especially with the implementation of Obamacare.A microchip for everyone,so they can monitor what you eat,drink,think,and where you are.Sorry but this is about the one small haven of privacy we may possibly retain, our bodies.. Brave New World…………….not for me and hopefully,you people will see where this is headed and put your integrity ahead of your pocketbook.

    • Karen | March 4, 2012

      There is no way I would have a micro chip under my skin 24/7. This is the new world order trying to control us, takeaway free speech and democracy replace it with a dictatorship.The EU hates democracy.KAREN ANN

  3. Concerned Person | March 1, 2012

    This is yet another outrageous attempt by the medical-drug complex to peddle more drugs, poison more bodies, and anesthetize the minds of whole populations. Heaven only knows what they could put in such doses unbeknownst to the victim (patient).

    With human nurses HUGE numbers of mistakes in amount of dose, timing of doses, interactions of doses, failure to administer doses, and overdosing occurs many times per day in EVERY hospital and nursing home. Imagine all that under the control of computers subject to glitches, down time, and crashes.

    Imagine some doctor, more interested in his upcoming golf game , who hurriedly clicks the "start dosing" button without really checking all he should, as he rushes out the door on his way to the club.

    Imagine the doctor on crystal methamphetamine (many are drug addicts) as he glares, bug-eyed and perspiring, at the info on his computer monitor and clicks on the wrong dosings.

    Imagine the Medicare-milking fraudster doctor (and they are LEGION!!!) who programs more and more doses of more and more meds into some poor old lady as he cashes in—-cha ching!!!

    The very idea of implanting a human with such horrific control devices is frightening.

    The medical-pharmaceutical complex is currently milking probably over $100 billion from the American taxpayer. The doctors have a LICENSE TO STEAL. And, you want to make their crimes easier to perpetrate with these chips.

  4. Hump Chan | March 1, 2012

    I would like to hear and learn more about this new invention

  5. suspicious enough | March 2, 2012

    Really? …Fascinating…

    But, me thinks we have had about enough police state nannies running around already.. Honestly, I think its time every one of us takes on a more responsible approach to living and stop making daddy day care governments take on even more parental roles. Once you realized that every ounce of techno-convenience and co-dependency comes at the price of freedom you can sniff out a pile of warm dung for what it is. 'They' are not looking out for your best interests or spending mega bucks for your own good. This is simply just another form of snooping in your private life while data mining for yet another self-serving, big corporate money grab. Your rights to make sound, adult decisions are silently being stripped away as they shake your pockets out for whatever loose change is left and look for clever ways to snuff you out once you are no longer a productive tax paying, 'color within the lines' model citizen. Don't Drink The Coolade and Wake Up Before It's Too Late!!!

  6. Flo | March 2, 2012

    It takes insane people to dream this stuff up. If they can save you from a heart attack they can give you one just as well. Why people never look at both sides of this non-sense is beyond me. Its all about money folks. Then when they have the money it will be about control. No thanks you. Keep your chips to yourself.

  7. Barry Moon | March 3, 2012

    Its always amusing to hear people without a medical problem be littling a discovery that just might aid a person with a particular problem.I have such a medical problem hence the letter.About two years ago i had cancer removed from my head, from between my eyes by an australian doctor who just happens to fly to America to perform surgery on patients with his technology.The technology in my case was to cut and remove the cancer by going up my nose and all the time doing the operation by watching a tv screen which he had set up once again through new discovery to be able to see the whole operation on a screen as he was working.The operation took some 6 hours to complete.It was a success as far as the cancer removal some 2 years later.However my hyper thalmus and proturitry gland wer damaged by the op.THese just happen to regulate everything from whether your hungry , tire, cold, or hot. Imagine that_you never know when you have eaten enough, so consequently i managed to put on some 40 kgs. Oh i forgot to mention a loss of energy as well,and of course the extra weight is-no was a bonus,i have managed to get off 22kgs so far without exercise, a lettuce leaf and a look around is fixing that.I now have 2 smaLL LUMPS ON MY LUNG AND BEHIND MY HEART, INOPERABLE BECAUSE I HACVE WIRE AND MESH ACROSS MY CHEST.i TONIGHT READ ABOUT THIS CRAB LIKE TECHNOLOGY DISCOVERED BY THE SINGAPORE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY,AND FEEL I MAY BE JUST IN LUCK TO TRY THIS TECHNOLOGY. WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE?SO BELIEVE ME WHEN YOU FACE DEATH WITH NO HOPE ITS A PRETTY COLD WORLD.WHEN YOU SEE YOUR LOVED ONES AND PARTICULARLY YOUR GRAND CHILDREN AND I AM ONLY 62 ,AND THEY AGE FROM 16 TO 4 5 IN NUMBER A CHANCE AT LIFE TO SEE THEIR LIVES EVOLVE AND TO AID THEM THROUGH THEIR JOURNEY BELIEVE ME ITS NICE TO HOLD ON TO A CHANCE IN THI CASE THIS NEW DISCOVERY.sO I AM ALL FOR IT AND IF THE GOOD PERSON WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE HAS A CLOSER CONTACT AT THE SING UNI CENTRE MAY YOU PLEASE FORWARD SAME TO ME SO THAT I MAY MAKE CONTACT AND OFFER MY SERVICES AS A PATIENT TO .HELP MYSELF AND THEN WHAT THEY LEARN HELP MANKIND IN GENERAL.WITHOUT DISCOVERY IN ALL THINGS IN LIFE WE WOULD NOT HAVE COME SO FAR.THANK YOU MONEY MORNING , KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK . MY KIND REGARDS BARRY FROM DOWN UNDER

  8. John | March 7, 2012

    Just a prophetic type of thinking…..Remember this from the Bible. The mark of the Beast and his number 666. Without it one cannot buy or sell. Then ask yourself, how will this be implemented? The easiest way is with a microchip implanted on the forehead or maybe the wrist or hand. Then when you go to the grocery store, your chip is read in much the same way as a UPC code is today. Then your account at the bank will be debited. If you refuse to be chipped, then the prophecy will be fulfilled. The chip will contain the Mark of the Beast…666 plus your own account number. One of the disguises…..dispensing medicine is the first small step.

  9. carol outman | September 1, 2012

    everything that looks like gold isn't always gold we are opening up a pandora's box it will surely lead to aplace we do not want to go too i know it will no less lead too the mark of the beast and those who choose too get chipped will be damned for eternity i will not support such data, chips i say go away

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