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This Little-Known Industry Is Producing the Fastest-Growing Stocks

Money Morning’s Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald first told his readers about the incredible profit opportunity of the human augmentation market in October 2014. Fastest Growing StocksSince then, it has provided some of the fastest-growing stocks on the market. And Fitz-Gerald sees the run continuing for years. “No matter how many times I review the data or I rearrange the puzzle, this is THE trend of the next decade,” Fitz-Gerald said. “Companies that are going to be mainstream 10 years from now are still largely under the radar – which means you want to make your move now, like a surfer does to catch the perfect wave.” And now, the mainstream media is finally catching up with Fitz-Gerald’s predictions…

The Fastest-Growing Stocks in Human Augmentation

In March, a report from the research firm MarketsandMarkets said the human augmentation market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 43.52% from 2014 to 2020. By the end of the decade, the market will be worth $1.135 billion. Human augmentation is technology that enhances human capabilities or productivity. These technologies include implants, orthotic devices, limb devices, and even wearable virtual reality devices. Fastest growing stocksFitz-Gerald was one of the first experts talking about the potential of the market. Now mainstream media has caught on. Both CNBC and FOX News have covered the market, detailing the MarketsandMarkets report. Dozens of other outlets soon followed. “That tells me that there’s an awakening underway. The dawning realization that this is not merely a science fiction indulgence makes the Human Augmentation market an even more viable investment opportunity,” Fitz-Gerald said. “This also suggests you can expect the tone of the coverage to shift even more rapidly as more investors discover what we already know.” We’ve already seen that publicity translate into major gains for human augmentation stocks. Take a look at the gains of these three fast-growing stocks that Fitz-Gerald has detailed:

  • Synaptics Inc. (Nasdaq: SYNA) develops custom designed user interface solutions for mobile devices. The technology has wide-ranging applications and will help bridge the gap between augmentation-enhanced bodies and the human limitations we all face. Since the start of 2013, SYNA stock has jumped 189%.
  • Vuzix Corp. (Nasdaq: VUZI) designs, manufactures, and sells computer display technology and software. The company is best known for the M100 Smart Glasses, which are android-based wearable computers. In the last year, VUZI stock has climbed nearly 90%.
  • Infinity Augmented Reality Inc.’s (OTCMKTS: ALSO) software allows users to experience the real world through digital image overlay, video, and sound as it’s accessed from a pair of digital glasses. The stock is extremely speculative at just $0.09 per share, but it is up 50% in 2015 alone.

And while those are some of the fastest-growing stocks on the market, they’re nothing compared to where Fitz-Gerald’s favorite stock in this industry is headed… This tech stock has already jumped 46% since he recommended it in October. And he says it could soar another 987% in the next five years. "My trip to this tiny company was quite simply the most inspirational visit I've ever made to any company… in any industry… anywhere in the world," he said.

The Best Human-Augmentation Stock to Buy Now

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