Just Released: Get the No. 1 Buy for 2017 from the World's Greatest Stock Picker

The new year has begun. Let's kick it off with a strong investment - one we've moved to the top of our stocks to buy list.

This pick is the latest from our Executive Editor Bill Patalon. You all know Bill - his daily Private Briefing column is one of our subscribers' favorites, sharing stock picks and profitable news updates with his 16,000-plus readers every day.

You also know he's a champion stock picker...

Since he started Private Briefing in August 2011, Bill has delivered 217 double- and triple-peak gain winners - a track record that would make some of Wall Street's heaviest hitters jealous.

That's why he wanted to share this pick with you all. His goal - one that we share at Money Morning - is to help investors find the best wealth-growing opportunities available today. Bill's insight can start you - or keep you - on your path to a financially healthy retirement.

Bill calls today's pick his "No. 1 Buy for 2017." This company is the most innovative in its field, and it has a new executive in charge that will keep it an industry leader. Bill's long history following the company - which he highlights in today's analysis - puts him in the perfect position to spot its profit potential.

Watch below to hear Bill's pick now - and find out why he's so excited about what this company will deliver to both consumers and investors. 

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