This Could Be More Profitable Than the Coinbase IPO

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase seems like the perfect "backdoor" investing strategy to play the Bitcoin craze. And investors may soon get a chance to own Coinbase stock...

The company is hiring a permanent CFO, which is a sign a Coinbase IPO could be on the way, according to a Feb. 21 Recode report.

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But if you've followed along with our research articles, this isn't a surprise...

Coinbase IPO

Money Morning Cryptocurrency Expert David Zeiler published a report back in August 2017 about Coinbase being the first Bitcoin stock. Zeiler was one of the first financial journalists to write about Bitcoin back in 2011, and he even mined the crypto coin back then.

He's seen it all when it comes to cryptocurrencies, which is why he had the foresight to predict a Coinbase IPO months before the mainstream media took notice.

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Of course, Coinbase will be a popular "backdoor" crypto investment when it goes public. Investors are hoping to get a slice of potentially explosive gains of cryptocurrencies - like Bitcoin's 1,364% eruption in 2017 alone - by owning a traditional stock instead of a crypto coin.

But retail investors have two problems with crypto investments right now...

Owning a crypto stock won't give you the explosive potential of owning a cryptocurrency, and jumping right into the crypto market can seem like the Wild West.

Finding which coins have the most potential can be even more daunting.

Fortunately, our readers have Money Morning's options trading specialist, Tom Gentile, at their disposal.

In fact, he sees the "Buy" signal on a cryptocurrency trade he thinks could turn a small stake into more than $40,000, based on his analysis...

The "Buy" Signal Is Flashing on This Crypto Trade

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Tom Gentile, America's No.1 Pattern Trader, uses stringent criteria to vet his trade recommendations - showing readers 81 triple-digit-winning moves in 2017 alone.

In a special video presentation, Tom walks you through the process for placing this crypto trade. You'll get the name of the coin, watch Tom make the trade, and get all the key details - at no cost, and in under three minutes.

He's expecting this little-known coin's price to surge very soon - and everyone holding it beforehand could see massive profits. Everyone else... they may have to miss out.

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