Best Call Options to Buy Now for 130% Upside

Some traders think it's too late to trade retail stocks this holiday season. With retailers generally booking the bulk of their yearly profits during the holiday shopping season, you would think that those gains are already baked into the cake.

Those traders are wrong, and they're missing out on very profitable trading opportunities.

But you won't be.

Today we're showing you one trade with plenty of juice left this year, and it's fueling our best call options to trade now.

Now, this trade isn't obvious. It took some real sleuthing from Money Morning Quantitative Specialist Chris Johnson to find it. And we want you to see how to trade it before the rest of the market sniffs it out.

Chances are you haven't even heard of this company. At least not yet.

You see, between strong fundamentals and strong technicals, this is going to be a popular stock once the holiday sales figures roll in. It has a focused target audience and sells as more of a lifestyle that a product. From young men's and women's apparel and footwear to skateboards and snowboards, it has become a must-have for those seeking fun.

This year could make it a household name.

And Chris expects an options trade on this stock to double your money by springtime.

Here's how you can do it...

The Best Call Options to Buy Right Now[mmpazkzone name="in-story" network="9794" site="307044" id="137008" type="4"]

The company is called Zumiez Inc. (NASDAQ: ZUMZ), and it is one of those companies that is likely to ride the recovery wave as the economy opens up next year and people feel comfortable venturing out to the malls and parks next year.

Zumiez has no debt and has been able to grow net income in this unusual economy. In fact, its target audience is quite reliable and ready to step up their buying once the all-clear is sounded. And last week, it announced that it beat analyst estimates on both earnings and revenue for its third quarter.

The stock has done quite well since bottoming with the rest of the market in March. Since October, its rally has even accelerated, and it got a little bit technically overbought. Over the past few days, it has been pulling back and may still have a little more short-term downside ahead.

That's why Chris is putting a limit order on the stock of about $36 (it closed at $37.04 Thursday). He expects to pick up shares at a lower price, so all we need is a little patience to let that happen.

However, that is a small change compared to Chris' upside target in the $50 range by the middle of next year.

But if you really want to make this a great trade, you can leverage Chris' pick with call options. He recommends buying the ZUMZ May 21, 2021 $35 calls (ZUMZ210521C00035000) using a limit order of $6.50.

If ZUMZ stock only makes it to $45 per share by May, your option would be worth $10 for a profit of 53.8%. But what if the stock makes it to $50? Profits soar to 130.87%.

Don't forget, you can sell this option at any time before it expires to lock in not only the intrinsic value of the option but some of its time value, as well. Returns could be astronomical.

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