Powerful 2021 Profit Strategies – and the Best Stocks for Using Them

Tom Gentile and Chris "CJ" Johnson are two of Money Morning's top trading experts.

CJ's readers got the chance to tap into the $213 billion-plus changing hands in the markets every day and close out three 100%-plus winners this month,

Tom's Weekly Cash Clock followers got a crack at three double-digit gainers recently, thanks to a phenomenon Tom calls the "Four-Day Profit Cycle." (Yes, it is possible to reap massive potential wins in 100 hours or less - details here.)

Every Friday, Tom and CJ get together - virtually, of course - to produce the Profit Strategies Podcast, the premier investing and trading show on the web.

These guys have around 70 years of trading experience between them, and they run some of our most successful trading research services, so this podcast is packed with strategies and ideas that anyone can use to make money no matter how volatile the markets get.

Speaking of market conditions, CJ and Tom are expecting those to be extremely favorable for bullish trades as well as buy-and-hold stocks in 2021. They'll be talking about the long-awaited fiscal stimulus bill, some ways to attack your capital gains tax, andbest of all, the guys will name their top investing and trading picks for the new year.

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In fact, Tom and CJ decided to call this episode "Your 2021 Crystal Ball." As you'll see in a second, there's a great reason for that.

You can catch this critical Profit Strategies Podcast in the player below, or, if you'd prefer, go right here to listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, or the podcast app of your choice.

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