10 Short Squeeze Stocks Flying Under the Radar

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The past few weeks showed us that a group of retail traders can blow Wall Street out of the water when they ignite a short "Super Squeeze."

But, when you get down into the nitty gritty, their results were really - I'm talking wildly - inconsistent by any stretch.

One trader I heard of saw a speculative position worth a couple grand, tops, grow to more than $300,000... but those gains vaporized before he could click "Sell."

Another speculator bought 23,000 shares of GME at 10 bucks a pop and banked a cool $9 million.

That's how volatile the situation was; GameStop Corp. (NASDAQ: GME) got real famous in a hurry, moved too fast and, like I predicted, it crashed and burned.

That's why, in a market like this, it's absolutely critical to keep things low-key and stay one step ahead.

I've found tons of short squeeze candidates out there that I don't think anyone but professional short-sellers are looking at right now; they're exposed, and conditions are just right for us to move in.

So I picked the 10 most likely short "Super Squeeze" bets, and I'm going to name each and every one of them and show you the best way to trade them for big gains right here in this video I recorded live recently.

There's really no other way to put it: The "Super Squeeze" is the hottest trade in America right now - those retail investors beat Wall Street and started a revolution to boot. It's only a question of finding moves with the right kind of profit potential.

My friend and colleague, Andrew Keene - the guy they call the "Millennial Millionaire" - has tweaked his successful proprietary S.C.A.N. algorithm to bullseye what he says are the two biggest predictors of a "Super Squeeze" situation. He's sharing the secret right here - how to spot the biggest, fastest-moving plays on the market.

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