Gamestop Corp

Three Stocks: Reddit, Gamestop, and Nvidia

Reddit Reddit (RDDT) shares are taking a well-deserved break today. The stock is trading 12% lower, as sellers appear to be profit-taking on post-IPO gains of more than 100%. As I always say, there’s nothing wrong with taking profits, especially on gains like that in less than a week. Literally, we should expect to see […]

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WISH Stock Is More Than a Meme - It Could Double from Here

WISH stock is quickly becoming one of the most talked about stocks on social media.

But unlike other overhyped meme stocks, this one might be worth your money…

Context Logic (NASDAQ: WISH) is one of the latest stocks to fall into the hands of the meme crowd on WallStreetBets, the Reddit board where the newest generation of speculators are targeting companies where they think short squeeze could drive stocks to the moon.

They might be right...