Trade This "Old School" Energy ETF Before Summer 2021

Crude oil is leading the market higher this earnings season on a wave of killer earnings announcements. And on today's Fast Profits, we'll be riding the rising trend with a trade on the largest "old school" energy ETF on the market.

Don't get me wrong - I'm still "all in" on renewables. But while we wait for last week's clean energy play to get some legs (I imagine once Capitol Hill irons out the last details on the upcoming infrastructure bill), we're playing the other side of the coin with some good old-fashioned fossil fuel stocks.

And the timing couldn't be better.

The weather is starting to warm up, and summer travel is kicking in early. An army of stir-crazed tourists are starting to stretch their legs and fill their gas tanks, making up for a year of lost travel plans. And for one gas and oil ETF, that's setting into motion a bullish trend I expect to keep climbing through the next several months.

So, to add a little fire power to the coming oil explosion, I've put together an options trade sure to make you a happy camper this summer.

Watch the video below for the full details...

Trade details...

Action to Take No. 1: Buy shares of the Energy Select SDPR Fund (NYSE: XLE) using a limit order of $52.50.

Action to Take No. 2: Buy to open XLE Sept. 17, 2021 $50 calls (XLE210917C00050000) using a limit order of $5.20.

The 88X Effect Is Reshaping the Markets

Something massive is single-handedly reshaping the financial markets... an unprecedented 88X phenomenon powerful enough to radically transform the way you make money.

And we can't wait for you to see it. Because Tom Gentile is sharing how the 88X factor has unleashed a flurry of trading opportunities - 50 plays per week, give or take. The quantity is uncommonly large - and so are the gains you could capture.

To be sure, we verified every single trade since this phenomenon began. And if you'd hit the top plays with a starting stake of $2,000, you'd have walked away with enormous payouts, like:

$12,400 on Maxar in five days... $11,140 on Shutterstock in two weeks... and $15,000 on Mitek in eight days.

The best part: Anyone - absolutely anyone - can do this. The only thing is that most people don't know about this 88X factor or how to play it. Luckily, Tom's walking you through how his followers can take full advantage of this phenomenon right here.

So are you ready to see the proof firsthand? All you have to do is watch this.

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