In 2018, This Will Be Better Than Bitcoin

I've been doing the Christmas party rounds over the past few weeks, and at every single one I've had this same conversation.

Someone asks me about Bitcoin.

I explain what it is... how it works... why it's run up 1,500% this year alone... the works.

Then I brag a little.

As the crowd of "Bitcoin curious" gathers, I tell them how I began talking with my Nova-X Report members about how big Bitcoin was going to become way back in early 2013. At the time, the encrypted digital currency was trading for roughly $100. By the end of the year, the price had topped $1,200 - for a 1,100% gain in just a few months.

As I write this Wednesday morning, Bitcoin stands at around 170 times what I recommended it at, meaning those followers of mine have stacked up gains of around 16,900%.

I tell them they'd be hard pressed to find a bigger Bitcoin bull than me. And I tell them to use their best judgment to take some profits - but to hold onto a good chunk of their Bitcoin. (I'll tell you why in an upcoming report here.)

Then I tell them not to buy any more - at least not right now.

Here's the thing. At least two Wall Street outfits are setting up Bitcoin futures markets.

And that means hedge funds, short sellers, and other assorted bad actors are getting unleashed on the Bitcoin market.

Plus, Bitcoin owners have seen the value of their holdings swing by $1,000 or more over the last few weeks. I don't want any rookie investors walking into that kind of volatility.

However, as we enter 2018, there's another digital currency out there that offers investors much less volatility and much more upside.

With everyone from your broker and golf partner to your barber and dentist talking about Bitcoin, you may have completely missed the fact that this crytpo coin has tripled Bitcoin's gains so far this year.

It costs a lot less than Bitcoin.

Thanks to its high-level security protocols, it has far more utility to investors, banks, and tech companies.

And it's set up to continue delivering huge profits in 2018.

Check it out...

Bleak Futures

I still remember, back in June 2013, taping a special report recommending what was then a brand-new form of money.

For that special report, I spoke with a number of leaders and CEOs in the Bitcoin sector. At the time, Bitcoin was trading at $90.

That was a great time to invest.

In 2017, the price went from $1,073 to a peak of roughly $17,825 for a one-year profit of 1,561% - so about a year ago was also a prime opportunity.

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But I'm telling retail investors to not buy new Bitcoin at this moment. That's because the crooks on Wall Street are, virtually as I type this, getting into Bitcoin in a big way.

On Dec. 10, trading in U.S. Bitcoin futures began on an exchange run by CBOE Global Markets Inc. Rival CME Group Inc. just brought its futures product to market, and I expect other players to do so as well.

This is a big vote of confidence for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. But it also means some very rich, very cutthroat people can start shorting Bitcoin and really moving its price in whatever direction they want.

Fact is, the big-money traders on Wall Street have the most advanced tools money can buy - artificial intelligence, Big Data, supercomputers, you name it. With that kind of technology, they can make money on every single tick up or down. Meanwhile, rookie Bitcoin investors won't have time to respond to the chaos they're creating.

I can practically guarantee that, after such a massive run in 2017, dedicated, professional short sellers are entering the Bitcoin market and trying to drive the price down. They'll make money on the decline and on the rebound.

New Bitcoin buyers will be left holding the bag.

I know what many of you are thinking...

Futures trading has existed on the stock market for decades, and you're doing alright there. But this is new - and so I believe all kinds of "mistakes," like a sudden flash crash, are likely in the first few months of Bitcoin futures trading.

That said, I'm not suggesting you cover your head and hunker down.

If you're a longtime Bitcoin investor, you're still going to see huge gains from here. John McAfee, for one, thinks it's headed toward $1 million.

It's just that now - as we head into 2018 - is not the moment to start making new Bitcoin buys.

However, 2018 is the time to invest in one of Bitcoin's top rivals.

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Bitcoin's Cousin

That's why I've spent literally the last eight months working on a series of reports on this cryptocurrency investment.

I want to tell you about it now - but they won't let me. My team of researchers, editors, videographers, and more are at this moment putting the finishing touches on these reports.

Meanwhile, let me give you one hint why I believe this investment is even better than Bitcoin at this moment.

It's more useful.

You see, Bitcoin is great if you buy some and then stick it in a virtual vault. That's why we call it the "gold of tech."

This other digital currency, on the other hand, is more like cash - though cash that is rapidly rising in value because of its very usefulness.

Bitcoin is trying to solve that problem via the various "forks" you keep hearing about - and which I'll tell you more about next week in a follow-up report. But it's not there yet.

This other currency has more utility because it's so secure - it's nearly hack-proof.

Now here's one more reason why I want you to follow me when it comes to your cryptocurrency investing in 2018.

The market right now is incredibly volatile.

Bitcoin Fever

Like I said - and as I'm sure you know - everyone is talking about Bitcoin.

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The brokers I know tell me they're getting calls from investors wanting to trade Bitcoin who have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.

They don't even know what futures... shorting... or options are. My buddies can handle folks who don't fully understand these markets - but not ones who have no clue at all.

Here's just some of what's happening out there.

On Dec. 12, as Bitcoin reached a record high, Coinbase - the digital currency wallet I often recommend - crashed due to heavy traffic. That left potentially 10 million customers unable to access their Bitcoin.

We've seen the price of Bitcoin rise or fall 20% in an hour multiple times over the past month or so.

And now futures trading, hedge funds, and other Wall Street players are coming in.

It's only going to get crazier in 2018.

So you need a guide to get you through all this.

And that's what I'm here for.

First off, next week, I'll have a report for you on all the Bitcoin forks - spin-offs - that have happened so far... the ones that are coming soon... and what it all means for the Bitcoin you now own.

Watch for that.

Then there's the series of reports I'm preparing on the Bitcoin rival that I believe will be the cryptocurrency to buy in 2018.

I'll tell you how to get ahold of those reports very soon.

Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season - and all the Bitcoin chats I'm sure you're having.

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