"X" (Doesn't) Mark the $1.4 Trillion Spot in West Texas

Sailing the oceans in search of treasure is something of a fantasy for a lot of people.

Just imagine it, the gentle rocking of the boat...

Learning the language of the sea...

Manning the big, wooden ship's wheel...

The eventual end goal: finding the buried treasure on the deserted island that you located using the ratty, ancient map with a giant black "X" marking the spot.

Usually this type of imagining involves a hook for a hand, eyepatches, peg legs, and other such pirate accessories.

But it's the buried treasure that's central to this dream.

Unfortunately, in real life, "X" marking the spot is just that... a dream.

There is, however, unmarked buried treasure.

For example, a few years back, a married couple was hiking with their dog in the foothills of Sierra Nevada, Calif., on a path they'd traveled many times before.

On this particular morning, they happened to spot some rusty cans sticking out of the dirt.

They were filled to the brim with 1,427 24-karat gold coins dating back to the Gold Rush of the 1800s.

Talk about buried treasure.

The find made this couple $10 million richer.

It wasn't buried by seafaring pirates, but it was significant nonetheless.

And by no means is this buried treasure the last of such things to be discovered.

In fact, another treasure has been uncovered that's worth far more than $10 million.

You won't find it in the ocean though...

Mysterious find in the Chihuahuan Desert could mint a new millionaire every month for the next 11 years – Read more…

No Map, but Treasure All the Same

The "X" I'm talking about can't be found sailing the seven seas, but instead found trekking the hot, dry, dusty desert a few miles away from Pecos, Texas.

Well actually, "X" doesn't mark the spot, and there's no ancient, tattered pirate's map to lead you there.

That's what makes this enormous discovery so remarkable: the fact that no one knew it was there, despite others owning the land around it.

[mmpazkzone name="in-story" network="9794" site="307044" id="137008" type="4"]

There is a trillion-dollar fortune hidden underneath this section of the Chihuahuan Desert in West Texas, and it has only recently been discovered.

Yes, that's trillion with a capital "T."

One man decided to purchase a seemingly "worthless" piece of dusty land in the desert. Not long after, the United States Geological Survey dispatched teams across the nation to scout out new mineral, oil, and energy reserves that were previously undiscovered.

What they found underneath the same region as this man's newly acquired property was astonishing.

This discovery has the potential to mint 100 new millionaires, every single month, for the next 11 years.

Even the pirates of yore wouldn't be able to fathom that fortune.

Better yet, these new millionaires can be regular people like you. And you could be one of them.

There is a tiny company that is determined to take advantage of the treasure in this region, and it's doing it quickly.

Early investors could profit the most, and could be handed massive windfalls.

If you'd like to learn more about this company, and learn how you could earn a fortune from this desert discovery, all you have to do is click here.

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