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Outlook 2020: This Onetime Cryptocurrency "Wildcatter" Explains How Bitcoin Will Get to $100,000

Today I'm giving you cryptocurrency insight from someone with a striking record of accurate predictions…

David Zeiler, a friend and colleague of mine here at Money Map Press, is recognized as one of the financial world's foremost experts on cryptocurrencies – which is why his work is widely followed at Money Morning, on Twitter, and even through his "Crypto Recap" video series.

Trust me when I tell you: I know firsthand that he's amassed his crypto expertise in the best way possible.

How so, you may ask? Through immersion.

You see, Dave was an early Bitcoin "miner" – back when it was still possible for an individual investor to be a go-it-alone cryptocurrency prospector.

And he's made some stunning calls along the way – like predicting Bitcoin's zoom to $19,000 in December 2017 and its 94% rally last year. Here's what he sees now…

Here's what he sees now...


Top Climate Change Stocks to Buy

Companies dealing with climate change suddenly are much better stocks to buy.

A dire UN report on climate change has put an early deadline on the action needed to avoid a series of very expensive consequences. That will send the world's governments and big businesses running to these renewable energy stocks for solutions.

Now is the time to invest in these winners...


5 Energy Stocks That Pay You to Invest in Crypto Mining

You can't easily invest directly in crypto mining, but several energy stocks offer a convenient backdoor to this growing industry.

Crypto mining, particularly Bitcoin, consumes a tremendous amount of electricity. Today Bitcoin mining uses as much electricity as the entire nation of Hungary.

And as China grows more hostile to crypto mining, the big operators are moving to other areas that offer cheap and abundant electricity.

These five energy stocks are the first in line to benefit from this transition...