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The Best Stocks to Buy Now: Five Picks to Put You on Tech's Frontier

Our latest round of best stocks to buy now includes five picks that are harnessing the power of technology to ensure their long-term growth.

They include a coffee company that has become the envy of Silicon Valley and a tech giant following in Warren Buffett's footsteps.

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My Favorite Biometrics Play Is 25% Off Right Now

The iPhone 8 is set to hit the streets this fall, and all indications are it'll be the smash hit we've been expecting.

Of course, the Apple fans out there are excited, as we knew they would be. I'm fired up, too, but for an entirely different reason.

Now, it's not because of what the iPhone 8 is – the latest iteration of an outrageously popular and undeniably cool piece of personal tech…

And it's not for what the new iPhone represents – the 10th anniversary of "iEverything"…

Rather, it's because of what the iPhone 8 has…


That's right: The iPhone 8 (and, in short order, nearly every smart device that hits the market) will have some extremely sophisticated biometric technology onboard, largely thanks to this company...