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The Best Penny Stocks Now Could Bank a 308% Return

Interest in penny stocks exploded last year during the lockdown and has continued even with the end of the pandemic in sight.

Especially now that the economy is opening up, the best penny stocks are ready to ride another broad market bull run.

These are more than just "story stocks", however. Our top penny stock today has the potential to potential to grow 308% on fundamentals, not just temporary investor-zeal.


5 Best Stocks Under $10 on Robinhood Now

When I look at the Top 100 on Robinhood every few days, I don't see much original thought.

Everyone is buying or trading the same collection of mature tech companies and old-line blue chips with some cannabis and coronavirus longshots thrown into the mix.

But there are great investing opportunities out there that aren't $200, $100, or even $50 per share.

That's why we're going to show you the best stocks under $10 on Robinhood right now.