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This Nano-Cap Stock Is Using AI to Disrupt the $2 Billion Gold Mining Sector

It was great to hear from my good friend, Frank Holmes, once again.

This time, he had some very exciting news about his involvement in one of the more lucrative fields in high tech today.

But first, you may recall that when we spoke last Dec. 7, I noted that I have followed Frank's career for many years because he ranks as one world's leading experts on anything involving metals and mining.

He serves as the CEO and chief investment officer at U.S. Global Investors (Nasdaq:GROW). It's a boutique investment management firm, specializing in actively managed equity and bond strategies.

As impressive as his title is, it only scratches the surface of why I think he is a visionary leader.

Frank also ranks as a leading expert on high tech. And his latest venture combines those two parts of his personality with the promise of huge payouts for investors.

Indeed, Frank has just become the chairman of a fast-moving nano-cap that is using artificial intelligence (AI) to disrupt the centuries-old mining sector.

You're going to want to see this…

You're going to want to see this...

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The Dow Jones Today Will Hit Another All-Time High If Congress Agrees on Taxes

A compromise between the House and Senate versions of the new tax reform bill could lead to a record-breaking rally for the Dow Jones Today.

Dow futures are up 70 points this morning as Congress works to resolve differences between the House and Senate's tax reform bills.

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