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Microsoft's "Right-Hand Man" Could Double Your Money Before the Economy Recovers

"We're living in a time of rapid change," is a phrase I hear often in the media these days. I think that's a big understatement.

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the world and the markets in a little over a month.

Nevertheless, it's tough to imagine anything that would change my strong conviction on Microsoft.

I've made no secret of the fact that I believe "Mr. Softy" is one of the best plays in a $160 billion cloud computing sector that's grown stronger by the day since 2.5 billion people went under lockdown.

It's not hard to understand the catalyst for that: Governments, institutions, and individuals have little choice but to work and transact business remotely where- and whenever possible. That includes Microsoft itself, by the way.

Cloud computing and storage is absolutely critical for that effort.

So, my Microsoft recommendation stands, of course, but today, I want to look at another long-term buy.

This firm is closely allied with Microsoft – like my dad used to say, "People judge you by the company you keep."

The company I'm about to name is actually integral to Microsoft's own success, so much so that its earnings could double in the next three years… Full Story

The company I'm about to name is actually integral to Microsoft's own success, so much so that its earnings could double in the next three years... Full Story


3 Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Hedge Your Portfolio

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is coming off its sharpest drop into a bear market in history this month.

The ongoing coronavirus response has effectively shut down the hospitality, travel, and restaurant industries.

With that in mind, turning to blue-chip dividend stocks is one way to hedge your portfolio right now.

These stocks may pull back with the rest of the market, but any dividend payments will serve as hedges now.

Today, we're going to discuss three high-yield dividend stocks that offer tremendous upside when the coronavirus passes and we move toward full recovery.



The 3 Best Chip Stocks to Buy Now Offer 152% Upside

The American semiconductor sector just won’t be able to grow until the trade war between the United States and China ends.

At least that’s the conventional wisdom. And the conventional wisdom is wrong.

We’re showing you three chip stocks that are plugged into one of the biggest tech catalysts we’ve seen.

In fact, there’s a 152% growth opportunity for one of our best chip stocks.

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My Favorite "One-Two Punch" for Profiting from Wild Volatility

It looks like until we get a trade deal – which won't be anytime soon – we can count on uncertainty, volatility, and this desperate, headline-driven action to continue.

Now, being tempted to go to cash and get out of the way would be an expensive mistake, because you can make some nice money on the up-down volatility that's going to be with us for a while.

Here's the simple way to cash in on it...