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Markets sold off violently this week as the full scale of inflation fears began to sink in.

Though stocks managed to catch a break on Thursday, the gains were not evenly spread out across indexes.

But a permanent state of volatility seems to be the new normal, and while this spells trouble for the short-term trend, especially Big Tech, Chris isn't worried.

In fact, his chart shows a technical situation unfolding here that'll likely send one small stock soaring 50% or more..



Markets Live Recap: Stocks Sell Off After Another 2.44 Million Americans Lose Their Jobs

Another 2.44 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits over the past week (versus the 2.4 million expected by consensus economist estimates).

Now, over 38.6 million Americans find themselves without work.

That sent the Dow modestly down 0.25% to start the day, in early morning trading.

It traded in a narrow range all day; up and down triple digits, and unable to muster neither a deeper selloff nor a convincing rally.

It ultimately closed 0.41% lower.

Here's what our experts – Chris Johnson and Shah Gilani – saw at the beginning and end of the trading day.

And what stocks they're looking to buy now...


Check Out All the Stocks I'm Buying and Shorting This Week

So, here we are: The first Fed rate cut in 10 years is in the history books, and the markets have completely changed… right?

Nope. The markets instead took everyone for a roller coaster ride down – selling the news.

But there are still a TON of opportunities out there worth your hard-earned capital, and I'm going to show you the best moves to make when the markets open tomorrow.

We just have to re-focus our attention on the earnings calendar - it's the key to making money this week...