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What is a Risk-Off Situation?

Stick with me for a minute. There’s a little intro story that goes with today’s market outlook that puts things into perspective. This might sound a little bougie, but I went to the club this weekend to play some golf and watch The Masters in the clubhouse. After a quick nine and a score that […]

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This Week's Best Stock Offers 82% Gains at a Steep Discount

How do you tell the difference between a prime “buy the dip” situation and one that would be classified as, “don’t try and catch a falling knife”? Chris is going to show you just how to do that today, because when you have a good chart, it’s easy to tell the difference between a genuine buying opportunity like the one he’s got for you and, well, a falling knife….



The Best Robinhood Options Trade Now Could Pop 163% After Earnings

If you are still getting your feet wet trading options, chances are you are using a popular platform like Robinhood.

The easier it is to enter and follow your traders, the better.

But now that you know where to trade, you need to know what to trade.

That's where we come in.

Today, we are going to bring you a great options trade for earnings season from, Money Morning Quantitative Specialist Chris Johnson.

Curated from his proprietary system, this trade is easy to understand, and just as easy to execute on a free platform like Robinhood or Webull.



Markets Live Recap: Why Stocks Went Up Today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down nearly 800 points in early market trading this morning.

But stocks staged a mid-day comeback, climbing back to positive territory by the early afternoon.

The biggest news of the day came from the United States Federal Reserve.

The central bank announced it will begin purchasing individual corporate bonds, in addition to the ETFs it's already purchasing.

That fueled the Dow's rally even further as the index closed 157 points higher by the end of the trading session.

Here's what our experts – Chris Johnson and Tom Gentile – saw throughout the volatile trading session.


Trading Strategies

Here's What to Do About This Market Rally

I could almost hear the sigh of relief from Cincinnati when the Friday jobs report came in higher than expected.

It was useful to note that stock futures didn't really move lower, but the Treasury yield did. That, my friends, is a pretty clear sign that the market is absolutely, positively counting on the Fed to juice the market with another rate cut in 12 days.

Now, interestingly, the last Fed meeting saw a drop in rates just as the market anticipated.

The S&P 500 was around 3,015 just ahead of the announcement. At the time of writing, we're at 2,983.91 – and trying like mad to get back to 3,015 just before the next meeting that is likely to yield the same action from the Fed.

So here's how I think it'll play out...

Trading Strategies

Here's How to Profit in a "Down for the Count" Market

With everything that's going on, it's really no wonder that the current markets are on a tailspin.

There's a lot driving this market, from new tariffs to escalating geopolitical tensions, but our Chris Johnson's not worried.

In fact, he's keeping a close eye on a significant risk out there so you won't be taken by surprise.

Plus, if you follow his recommendations, you'll come out comfortably ahead...