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The 2 Best REITs to Buy in July (and 1 to Sell)

Simply put, investors overreacted to fears over real estate that never materialized.

And that's creating the perfect buying opportunity right now.

Not only are these REITs underpriced, which means they will pop higher soon, but the lower price means their yields are much higher than normal.

That adds even more cash to your portfolio.

What makes July such a good time to buy is the coronavirus pushed back the real estate market's seasonal peak from the spring to late summer.

Plus, Congress is ready to pass even more stimulus measures, which will add another backstop for this lucrative market.

At current prices, the best managed and strongest commercial mortgage REITs have high yields and excellent prospects for substantial gains over the next year...


Cash In on This Real Estate Boom Without Owning a Single Square Foot

Here's the thing – loans for commercial real estate and multifamily spaces reached new highs in 2018.

Commercial and multifamily space loans have also performed incredibly well in 2018, with delinquency rates near all-time lows, meaning very few borrowers are behind on their loan payments.

This should only serve to increase lenders' desire to grow that portfolio going forward.

And all of this makes now a great time to get in on the recommendation D.R.'s got for you today...