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The 5 Top Dividend Stocks to Watch Now

While 2019’s market handsomely rewarded investors, the U.S. Federal Reserve also cut interest rates to around 1.75% during the year, making it a little harder for folks to make passive income through savings accounts.

Fortunately, the top dividend stocks to watch now are great ways for investors to overcome this hurdle.



The 5 Top REITs to Buy in 2020

REITs (or real estate investment trusts) are the gift that keep on giving.

In a world of historically low interest rates, high-dividend REITs have been extremely popular.

Last year, REITs soared along with the rest of the market. And they also offered much higher dividend yields than other asset classes.

It's impossible to predict what the markets will do in 2020, but collecting solid dividend payments will continue to be a winning strategy.

And these five dividend payers are your best bet...


This "Recession-Proof" REIT Just Hit Our Buy Zone

Today, I want to talk about one city – even in the face of economic woes – that can withstand a recession. Even at the height of the 2008 financial crisis, this town effectively had a recession-proof moat around it…

And it's all thanks to the taxes you pay.

The REIT I will discuss today focuses exclusively in this region, where home and commercial real estate are expected to climb in the years ahead – no matter who wins the 2020 election.

Let's get started...