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Natural Gas

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Prediction: Natural Gas Prices in 2017 Will Soar Double Digits

natural gas prices

Natural gas prices have been on the rise this year, but they could continue to surge by 36% in 2017.

Since hitting its 2016 low in March, the price of natural gas has rallied 121%. The dramatic swing you're seeing in natural gas prices is far from over.

That's why we're putting out our 2017 natural gas price prediction, to show you exactly what will be driving natural gas prices next year...

Where Natural Gas Prices Are Headed in 2017

natural gas

As of yesterday, the U.S. Henry Hub natural gas benchmark rate is now up 36.5% for the month.

At close yesterday, the price was $3.55 per 1,000 cubic feet, or million BTUs (British thermal units), the standard measurement in the United States.

To put that in some perspective, the price was $1.96 as recently as May 26, and the year-to-date low was $1.65 on March 3. It hit a two-year high earlier this month.

Traditionally, natural gas prices in the United States have been heavily influenced by the seasons, with the severity of winters generally being the main determinant of how high prices would go.

But that's no longer the case...

With demand for natural gas coming from many new sources, the price is no longer tied to the weather - setting prices up to go higher.

Here's exactly how high the price of natural gas will go in 2017...

Why Brexit Is Hiking UK Power Prices – and the Worst Is Yet to Come

natural gas

Post-Brexit, the pound has fallen to 30-year lows.

And this dramatic decline has prompted a major change in the UK energy sector that will have dire consequences for British consumers...

What Royal Dutch Shell's Billion-Dollar "Free Gas" Project Means for You

natural gas prices

Earlier this week, oil and natural gas giant Royal Dutch Shell announced multibillion-dollar project in western Pennsylvania.

The boosted employment and tax revenue for the region is great news. But even more important is the nature of the project itself - and what it means for the future of natural gas.

It'll also lead to some fantastic investment opportunities...

Natural Gas Companies Could Lose Trillions from This Global Threat

natural gas companies

Of all the energy sectors, oil and natural gas companies have taken the worst beating this year.

These firms are expected to spend nearly $2 trillion on drilling projects over the next five years.

But there's a UN meeting this week on an issue that could make it an insanely dangerous investment...

How to Play the Latest Dip in Oil and Natural Gas Prices

natural gas prices

Here in the energy sector, the other shoe has just dropped. Natural gas prices have now declined to their lowest point since 2012.

But in any shakeout like the one under way, there are always investment opportunities.

And I’ve identified two specific ways you can profit despite the lows we’re seeing right now for oil and gas.

Here’s my take on what’s affecting the markets today… and the two ways to play the current low prices to your advantage…

Natural Gas Price Forecast: Will Prices Rebound from This Week's Crash?

natural gas prices

Natural gas is having its roughest week in three years as futures struggle to stay above $2.

But our natural gas price forecast shows three huge "game changers" sending the market into a decades-long rally.

Here's everything you need to know about where natural gas is headed after this week's crash...

These Three Factors Will Change Natural Gas Investing Forever

natural gas

It hasn't been a good year for natural gas investing. Prices have cratered 21.8% so far in 2015.

But the market is on the verge of a huge rebound as new outlets for natural gas consumption are developed.

Here are the three factors that will transform the natural gas market...

This Natural Gas Stock Will Surge from Yesterday's Historic Discovery (NYSE: E)

natural gas stock

Eni SpA (NYSE ADR: E) is the most talked about natural gas stock right now.

That's because the Italian energy company just made a "supergiant" find in the Mediterranean Sea.

Here's everything you need to know about this historic discovery...

Should I Buy Cheniere (NYSEMKT: LNG) Stock?

The Cheniere (NYSEMKT: LNG) stock price is down 7.4% so far this year. But don't be misled. One event from last December will have a big impact on LNG stock.

The Cheniere Energy Inc. (NYSEMKT: LNG) stock price opened 1.5% higher today after natural gas prices saw a slight boost.

But LNG stock has seen a big selloff recently. The liquefied natural gas company is down 7.4% so far in 2015.

Here's where we see the LNG giant going the rest of the year...

Why Natural Gas Futures Today Rose to $2.83

natural gas features

Natural gas futures surged today following a new weather forecast showing hotter-than-normal temperatures over the short term.

It came on the hinges of last week's report that production hit 72 billion cubic feet a day.

But there's an ongoing financial meltdown that could keep the sector going strong...

Cheniere (NYSEMKT: LNG) News Update: Still a Buy?

lng news

There's been no shortage of LNG news recently.

That's because liquefied natural gas pioneer Cheniere Energy Inc. has had a volatile year so far. The stock gained 14.4% in January and February and has fallen 6% since then.

Here's what will affect Cheniere stock over the next year...

This Natural Gas ETF Will Surge from the Exploding LNG Market

natural gas etf

Natural gas prices have rebounded 13.6% over the last month.

As prices keep rising alongside LNG demand, a natural gas ETF is the best way to get in on the long-term profits.

One particular ETF will gain handsomely from U.S. LNG exports, which are about to revolutionize the global natural gas trade...

Natural Gas Futures News: Why Prices Are Down 2.39% Today

natural gas futures news

Natural gas prices fell today during a month that has seen a huge rally in the energy sector.

The news comes on speculation that the EIA's weekly report may show a supply increase.

But here's why demand will outpace supply in 2015 - and why our favorite stock pick will see huge gains from it...

Natural Gas Price Forecast 2015: Will the Market Rebound or Weaken?

natural gas price forecast

Natural Gas Price Forecast: Natural gas futures for June delivery dropped during morning trading today (Thursday) amid growing supply concerns.

Although supply keeps growing, prices will move higher this year.

In fact, there are three changes happening in the industry right now that point to a huge price recovery...