Silver Prices: Much More To This Rise Than a QE3 Rally

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Silver prices had a volatile week, which started with a down day Monday closing at $34.25.

The week was poised to be somewhat "quiet" after the previous one was full of central bank news from the United States and Europe.

But living up to its reputation for swings, silver turned and hit a six-month high on Tuesday at $35.10.

And just when we thought it was time for a slight breather from monetary action, the Bank of Japan announced Wednesday that it would expand its stimulus program with 10 trillion yen ($126 billion).

Japanese silver investors were more excited than other traders about the news, driving up silver prices by 2.9%. The United States was less so as Decembersilver futures on the COMEX fell $0.103 to $34.615 an ounce on the news before closing up 1.5% for the day.

On Thursday, December silver rose 0.27% to $34.68.

So what can we expect next from this fickle metal with its great year?

In a Scotiabank note this week, analysts wrote of silver, "We remain bullish ... and see this as a healthy consolidation after a strong rally."

Here's why the silver bull party is still going strong.

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