How Do Carl Icahn Holdings Compare to Other Activist Investors?

Carl Icahn's net worth of $20.8 billion. He ranks 20th on Forbes' list of the richest billionaires in the United States.

But how do Carl Icahn holdings stack up against those of other big-name investors?

This chart shows how much the top five activist investors are betting in different market sectors...


Why Pundits Are Wrong When They Tell You Energy Investing Is Dead

To hear some tell it, energy investments are a disastrous move, given the volatile global economy and low oil prices.

But they couldn't be more wrong. In fact, there's more than $1 trillion up for grabs in the energy investing sector. This might well be the best time to invest, even if prices go lower from here.

This is what you need to know before everybody else wakes up...

Best Investments

2015 Top Stock Picks: ALJ Up 12.8% Amid Sell-Off

The Dow Jones Industrial Average this week fell 1.5%, and with this slight dip in the broader markets, our 2015 top stock picks also took a hit.

But one company had a great week. Alon USA Energy Inc. (NYSE: ALJ) stock was up 12.8% amid this broader market sell-off.

What's behind this surge in the ALJ stock price? Here's our look...


What You Need to Know About Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG) Stock After Earnings

Plug Power Inc. (Nasdaq: PLUG) came into earnings season with a chip on its shoulder.

The hydrogen fuel cell vendor has been all but cast aside by Wall Street after a hype-driven run took PLUG stock up 560% to begin 2014, only for it to crash on the words of a short-selling firm.

How can PLUG stock ever get the Wall Street bulls back on board again?

energy sector

Why the Energy Sector's Perfect Storm Is About to Blow Over

There is a "perfect storm" brewing in the energy sector, only in the minds of those who created it.

And as storms go, this one has certainly attracted attention. The ongoing concern over supply gluts both in the United States and abroad has combined with a Chinese stock collapse to drive down the price of oil.

Here's our take on why this nasty weather won't be around for long...

Energy Investing

Here's the Next Big Source of Energy Profits

Not long ago, the idea of disconnecting from the electrical grid and opting to live a "self-powered" life was limited to either "survivalists" or the realm of science fiction.

That's beginning to change.

Back in 1973, the English economist E. F. Schumacher published Small Is Beautiful. The idea of the best-seller was to treat economics "as if people mattered." The best way to do that, Schumacher posited, was by bringing the main elements of people's lives closer to where they lived (remember, this was at the peak of the 1973 oil crisis). Basic human needs and well-being should be prized above materialism and the "bigger is better" mentality.

Unfortunately, much of the movement spurred by Schumacher spiraled into a survivalist mentality. This projected an inordinate fear of everything, from nuclear war to a zombie apocalypse. A reliance upon the national energy grid became one of the biggest examples of modern dependence.

However, the advent of solar and wind power applications for homes and individual structures has brought the idea of the localized "microgrid" back into discussion. Still, the approach remained geographically limited and faced the hurdles of large infrastructure expenditures.

But today, following leaps and bounds in technology, these local sources of power are quickly becoming viable options.

And in the process, a range of new investment opportunities are emerging...


Why This Week's Market Overreaction Won't Affect Energy Demand

Some days you just want to crawl back into bed and pull up the covers. Wednesday was certainly one of them.

Greece has until Sunday to be saved from financial oblivion, and the Chinese stock market looks like it has come unglued. On top of these crises, the New York Stock Exchange stopped trading for over three hours Wednesday because of a "technical" glitch.

But none of this will have any effect on energy demand. Here's why...

energy sector

Three Ways a Greek Debt Settlement Will Affect the Energy Sector

There are now rising indications that the Greek government and its creditors are going to avert a full-blown financial meltdown…

And this means there are some positive developments coming for the energy sector.

Here's what needs to happen in Greece... and how it could affect an entire industry...


This Natural Gas ETF Will Surge from the Exploding LNG Market

Natural gas prices have rebounded 13.6% over the last month.

As prices keep rising alongside LNG demand, a natural gas ETF is the best way to get in on the long-term profits.

One particular ETF will gain handsomely from U.S. LNG exports, which are about to revolutionize the global natural gas trade...


A Buyout Makes Us Like This Energy Sector Pick Even More

A deal announced last week will see one Private Briefing company buying another – the 13th time one of our recommendations has become a "deal stock."

In this latest transaction, natural gas pipeline company Williams Co. is buying up the portion of subsidiary Williams Partners that it doesn't already own in a $13.8 billion all-stock deal.

This latest deal is part of a new trend in energy, one that will continue to create gains. Here's why...