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The Five Worst Blackouts in U.S. History

Here are the worst blackouts in U.S. history…

From a storm four decades ago that left 800,000 people stuck on the subway to 2012's derecho that left 22 dead...


What Royal Dutch Shell's Billion-Dollar "Free Gas" Project Means for You

Earlier this week, oil and natural gas giant Royal Dutch Shell announced multibillion-dollar project in western Pennsylvania.

The boosted employment and tax revenue for the region is great news. But even more important is the nature of the project itself – and what it means for the future of natural gas.

It'll also lead to some fantastic investment opportunities...


Investors Face This Risk from Coal's Quick Death

Coal is struggling and unpopular in all but a handful of regions where they actually pull it out of the ground.

But simple economics rather than public perception is what's set to deal coal its death blow.

Coal's limited economic importance likely won’t be enough to overcome the latest wave of bad news buried in a series of recent reports – the most dramatic indication yet that coal is dying even faster than expected.

You see, a relative newcomer to U.S. electricity production (you guessed it: natural gas) is pushing down prices for old stalwarts like coal, and even nuclear power.

Simply put, the black rock has 12 to 18 months at the outside before conditions get so bad that coal (and nuclear) plants begin closing in earnest.

And that's when shareholders get burned.

So it's time to make sure you limit your exposure and protect yourself from the shares I'm going to name here...


Why the SCTY Stock Price Crashed Today and What's Next

The SCTY stock price crashed more than 25% to $16.50 today after posting worse than expected Q1 2016 results and issuing weak forward guidance.

The SCTY stock price is now down more than 67% in 2016.

We still believe solar is here to stay and share where investors can get the best sector exposure with reduced risk...


Why No "Silver Bullet" Will Ever Kill Crude Oil

The dominance of crude oil as an energy source is waning, but no silver bullet will emerge to replace oil as a new primary player.

This time, the energy sector is undergoing a different type of transition. Here's what to expect...


SunEdison Stock Price History: How SUNE Crashed 99% in 9 Months

After years of feverish deal-making, solar energy firm SunEdison Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNE) has filed for bankruptcy protection.

The No. 2 solar energy company’s bankruptcy ranks among the largest in recent years.

Here’s a timeline of how SunEdison stock crashed 99% in just nine months.


The Energy Sector's New "Trilemma"

The energy sector's top three objectives are admittedly essential for both economic development and acceptable human life.

But they also appear to be in conflict, if not in outright opposition...


This Penny Stock Will Double Your Money – and Save a Dying U.S. Industry

We've found one of the best energy stocks on the market, and it also happens to be an extremely lucrative penny stock.

It might look like a long-shot at first glance – this penny stock has not posted a profit since 1997 – but this company is positioned for an incredible turnaround.

Here's why this stock is one of our favorite penny stocks right now...


Three Energy Sector Shifts That Emerged from the Dungeons of Windsor

Every March at Windsor Castle, leading global energy figures come together for the Windsor Energy Consultations.

Now, I'm not allowed to say who said what at the meeting this year. But that same rule also makes everyone be very frank in their discussions of energy.

This led to some very revealing discussions… and to agreement on the three most important shifts changing the energy sector right now.

And those, I can share with you...


Why the SunEdison Stock Price Soared 40% Today

The SunEdison stock price soared 41% to $2.68 in pre-market trading today (Tuesday) after its $2.2 billion cash and stock merger for Vivint Solar Inc. (NYSE: VSLR) fell through.

The SunEdison stock price has now climbed more than 45% in the last five trading sessions.

Here's everything you need to know about the deal...