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The Best Trades to Profit on the Oil and Gas Recovery

The term “supercycle” – an extended, mega-bullish run that can take years to run its course – has been making a lot of headlines lately, particularly when it comes to crude oil.

And whether you’ve been through a supercycle before or it’s your very first time, Andrew’s going to walk you through everything, make his predictions, and, best of all, name some stocks to buy and trade to cash in on what’s coming….


Trading Strategies

Don't Be Scared of a Dropping Stock - Do This Instead

On Monday, Apple announced that it expects revenue to suffer this coming quarter – news that caused the stock to open a full 3% lower Tuesday morning.

And AAPL is just the beginning. Revenue across multiple industries is about to feel the effects of COVID-19, aka the coronavirus.

As the second-largest economy in the world, China produces over $25 trillion in products a year. Pick up any product on your desk right now – a stapler, a pen, even your keyboard – and it probably says those three little words, "Made in China."

But the country's economic growth has hit a major roadblock with the coronavirus.

As the pneumonia-like virus continues its rapid spread through China, revenue will suffer. Which, in turn, could pull stocks in world markets down drastically.

In fact, it already has…

But I'm not writing this to scare you. There's no reason to be fearful.

Today I'm going to show you the best way to deal with a dropping stock and protect your portfolio… Full Story

But there's no reason to be fearful. Today, Tom's going to show you the best way to deal with a dropping stock and protect your portfolio...

Dow Jones

Prepare for a Volatile Dow Jones Today as Politics Take Center Stage

The Dow Jones today could be volatile today as three big events in Washington will dominate the news.

President Trump is meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jung Un today, while his former attorney Michael Cohen will testify before Congress on the President's alleged business ties to Russia, and trade negotiations with China continue to stalemate.

But uncertainty doesn't mean you can't make money. We'll break down exactly how to play the volatility today below...