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Trading Strategies

Here Are 20 Chances to Double Your Money

Massive Monday movements in stocks are a big clue that we're in for another week of – you guessed it – volatility.

It might cost some folks sleep, but I really like these big swings. It's tough to make money if stocks aren't moving either way.

Yesterday, I told you all about Bollinger bands – a simple statistical tool that can tell you when stocks are about to snap back to higher highs or lower lows.

Today, we're going to apply those tools – kind of like a filter – to a list of stocks to find exactly which ones are poised to move up and down.

Picking a winner from these lists is like shooting fish in a barrel...

Trading Strategies

Put These Brilliant Mathematicians to Work... While You Count Up the Gains

Math isn't everyone's favorite subject, but it can be the key to your next triple-digit profit.

But fortunately, great technicians like John Bollinger have put the power of math at our fingertips. They've done all the hard work of making it easy for us to find stocks that have been stretched, beaten down, or hugely inflated, and are ready to snap back the other way.

And that's why today, I'm showing you three ways you can put these folks to work for you to score your next massive winner.

The only math you'll have to do is figuring out how much cash you've made...